Only Employ a Company That is Reliable For Pest Control

One of the most often seen pests in homes is the powder post beetle, and some officials are claiming that it is going to cost people 145 million dollars more a year to get rid of them due to changes in government regulations. Referencing industry standard figures to back up the argument that efficient substitutes exist which may be adopted that would require little to no increase in expenses, the Environmental Protection Agency rejects such claims.
Pest control companies are just as quick to dispute the EPA’s claims, though, as the vice president of a local pest control company said that removing the popular pesticide from the market will make it more expensive to treat homes for the beetle. He noted statistics that show that this insect, similar to a termite in nature, infests up to 140,000 homes a year. They used to be able to enter a home, spray the chemical as needed, and promise that the home would then be clear of any such beetles for a minimum of one year, he claimed of the banned pesticide product. He has also proclaimed that the procedure is completely safe and efficient, but because it’s been banned, all they can do is sterilize homes.
This would require for the resident to remain out of the home for awhile so that it could be filled with chemical gas. In the past experts used to be able to come in and use the banned chemical to get rid of the pests for under a thousand dollars, but now it can cost up to two thousand dollars. The EPA will not concede this point, How To Prevent Cockroaches In Wardrobe though, as they claim that there are other suitable chemicals which will perform the same function and cost the same as the banned substance. The EPA spokesman also pointed out that the powder post beetle does not pose any actual threat since it only does aesthetic damage, as opposed to the structural damage of termites.
The EPA has designated a new substance as being suitable for the treatment of the powder post beetle, pentachlorophenol, and claims that his substance should have similar cost and efficiency to the early treatments. This is making the EPA state that homeowners should not see any increase in the cost of pest removal. Even the company who prduced the banned chemical and some members of the pest control association are in agreement with the findings of the EPA. The testimony was gleaned from hearings the EPA conducted when addressing what stance they should take on halting the use of the banned chemical.
If the fears of industry analysts come to fruition, it would mean up to millions of dollars on additional costs for homeowners that need protection from the powder post beetle. The owner of a well respected pest control company laments the banning of the chemical because he says his company has been successfully and safely using it for more than 30 years, but now they have little choice but to offer Products To Keep Your House Clean new and expensive fumigation services that are less attractive to their customers and are much more costly. Furthermore, he believes that the EPA did not look at all the information when making their proclamation. He says there is no doubt that the decision made was the wrong one, and he hopes that the EPA will reverse their decision, but he is not hopeful that such a move could happen quickly.