Landscaping Your Yard With Home Security in Mind

Most people understand the need for a security alarm. But what other measures can you do to add to Physical Pest Control the safety of your home? What are things you can do to make your home less appealing to burglars?
Surprisingly, the way you landscape your lawn plays a role in whether your home looks like a target to criminals. A home that has a clear view from the street into the accesses of the home are a lot less likely to be broken in to than those that have a lot of bushes and trees to hide behind. Here are some ideas of ways you can keep the landscaping of your home more secure.
Don’t place trees too close to your home, especially if you have an upper story. A tree is a great asset to a thief, since they like to use trees as make-shift ladders. If you do have trees close to your home already, make sure they are well trimmed so thieves would easily be spotted if they to try to use the tree.
If you are going away on vacation, have a friend mow your lawn. A lawn that is not kept up will be similar to a flashing light to a burglar. They will easily zone in on the fact that you are away and take advantage of it.
Trim all brushes and shrubs. Most security professionals will agree that brushes and shrubs, especially those close to your home, should not be allowed to grow higher than 2-3 feet. While larger bushes are beautiful to look at, thieves use these high bushes to hide behind so your neighbors won’t be able to spot them.
If you do like bushes consider planting thorny bushes. These types of bushes are not fun for family members, but if your little kids are grown up and away they can be a helpful deterrent. No thief enjoys hiding in rose shrubs.
Don’t close off your home with a line of trees. Again, this may be a beautiful way of gaining privacy, but thieves will take advantage of the fact that they cannot be seen easily once Rodent Control Methods Pdf they enter your property. Again, the idea is to keep your home looking open so they won’t be able to hide behind anything and neighbors or passerby’s can see their unlawful activity.
While the majority of thieves do choose to break in to homes during the day, outdoor lighting is another effective deterrent against your home getting broken into. Motion lighting can be helpful since motion triggers the light to go off any time something goes by it. This helps with your electricity bills, and also alerts those inside that something is outside near their home so they can check on it.