Keeping Mice Out of Your Home – Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Free of Mice

Mice and rats love to stay in groups. If you happen to find one suddenly darting through the side wall of your kitchen, it is likely that there is a group Natural Pest Control Methods of these rodents that is hidden in some dark place within your house. There are however simple and effective ways of dealing with this problem.
Surefire way to keep Pest Control Near Me Prices mice from getting in
One of the best tips to keeping your home rodent free is to try locating any existing point of entry. Once you are able to locate a hole, you must be sure to seal the hole up. There is much debate on which materials to use to plug the hole, however you can initially start with materials around your house like steel wool, aluminium foil and duct tape. For a more permanent solution you may however want to purchase some caulking. Having no way to get in will keep the rodents from invading the peace of your home. You should still however check the back on the plugged hole to make sure that the mice have not eaten through.
Simple tips to do outside your home
If you have firewood it can attract mice, you should therefore make sure that it is covered tightly, leaving no dirt, leaves and other waste in it. Likewise, you may plant peppermint on the surrounding perimeter of your home because not only does the plant act as an effective barrier; it is also hated by mice because of its smell. Some home owners can be creative and simply soak a litter box with cat urine. Litter boxes are one of the usual places where our small rodents are likely to go. The odor of the urine is sure to drive them away.
As holes are usually one of the reasons mice get to enter your house, not only should you inspect the insides for holes but the outside of your place as well. You should check for any holes. If there is, it must be immediately sealed for good measure. Screens and pieces of excess wood are effective hole covers, you just have to make sure that they fully cover any hole.
Plugging holes is a very effective, low cost, and humane way to rid your home of mice. However, because mice are able to get pass through holes that are as tiny as the size of a nickel, you must realize that even the tiniest of holes that exist in your wall are potential entry points to your home. You also have to stay vigilant as mice have fast growing teeth so as you are closing one hole, they may already be chewing another. Keeping mice out is however easier than the hassle of having to trap mice one they are already inside your home.