Identify Flying Ants in Simple Ways

Termites and ants are insects that both live in colonies. At a distance, you will see that these two insects resemble each other. However, if you are going to know the points in differentiating these two insects, you’d be able to identify an ant from a termite and be able to do immediate action and prevent these pests from invading your home.
Here are simple ways to identify flying ants:
In general, the ant’s body has three segments. These segments would be the head, thorax, and the abdomen. The point where each segment meets appears to look like a neck and waist. However, the termite’s body is different because it has two segments yet appears to be a single piece unlike in the ant. The ants have a small waist while termites have thick abdomen.
Aside from the segments, the body of the ant also varies in color. These colors range from red, brown, to black. On the other hand, the termite’s body appears only in one color, which is shiny black.
Another distinctive characteristic of ants is their wings. These insects develop wings for them to leave their colonies and mate to form new colonies. Both of these insects have two sets of wings for flying. These would be the front set and the back sets. However, if you will Rose Pesticide be comparing the wings of ants and termites, you will notice that the front set of wings of ants is much longer than the back set of wings. As for the termites, its front set and back set of wings have the same length. Aside from that, the wings of ants have visible veins.
Through the antennae, you will also be able to distinguish an ant from a termite. Notice that the antennae of ants are slightly bended similar to that of an elbow, while on the other hand, the antennae of a termite are straight. Aside from that, there is also a slight difference in the texture of the antennae of the ants and termites.
Once you saw a single insect whether it is flying ants or termite inside the premises of your home, you should Pesticide Alternatives not neglect it because it will only take a short period of time before these insects can invade your home.