How to Stop the Drip Under Your Bathroom Sink Without Calling the Plumber

How to Stop the Drip Under Your Bathroom Sink Without Calling the Plumber

With cost of getting a plumber to come in and fix a leaky drain these days a lot of people are taking on the task themselves. The question you might be having is how hard it is, and can I really do this myself? Yes, you can and with relative ease. A leaky drain is one of the simplest fixes you could tackle as a home owner.

If this is your first attempt at repairing a leaky drain you may want to check out a do-it-yourself book from your local library as a reference, but in my opinion it is not really necessary you should do quite well without it.

A lot of time just going ahead and tackling the job head first is the simplest solution. If you take the time to get down there and take a look you may find it’s just as simple as tightening up the fittings. It is highly unlikely that the pipe would be cracked, unless it was jarred quite hard.

In the unlikely event the pipe is cracked you will need to put a bowl underneath the trap to collect any water before you start working on it if you don’t already have one there. You’ll find that most drains have screw on fittings and can be easily removed.

If however the pipe itself is cracked. You will need to cut it out and replace the section gluing the pieces together with ABS pipe glue. If you’re gluing in an elbow make sure that these are perfectly lined up. Then just slide the two pieces together. You don’t need to worry about giving it a twist, unless you’re off by a little.

If you need to replace the trap just unscrew the couplings and purchase a new one from your hardware store to replace it.

Tackling your own bathroom repair can be a rewarding experience and something that you can be proud of.