How to Replace Your Counter Top Bathroom Sink Without Breaking the Bank (Part 1)

How to Replace Your Counter Top Bathroom Sink Without Breaking the Bank (Part 1)

An old worn-out bathroom sink doesn’t do a whole lot for your bathroom decor. It is something that is not to hard for a intermediate do-it yourself home owner to accomplish in a half a day’s work or less if you have the right tools and understanding on where to start.

Tools you’ll need

Tape Measure

Adjustable Wrench

Pipe Wrench


Utility Knife

Pry Bar

Before you begin make certain you have the measurements of your old sink and counter top as well as the distance from the back splash before you head to the hardware store. You will also need a list of all the parts you will be replacing like the faucet, trap, supply lines and tail piece if your sink has one.

You want to make certain you purchase a new sink of the same size or slightly bigger. This is important not only to get a snug fit, but also to have your drain and supply lines line up properly.

Make certain all your water supplies are shut off before you proceed to remove the old sink. They should be under the sink if not you may need to find the main shut off valve to your house in any case test the tap before you proceed.

Make sure you have a bucket under the trap when you loosen the nuts to catch any water inside it. Remove everything right up to the sink including the tail piece if you have one and disconnect the supply lines from the tap.

The next step is to remove the sink. You will need to remove the clips from underneath the sink if there is any. Don’t be afraid to break them if you have a hard time removing them just be careful you don’t damage the counter top.

Your sink should have a bead of silicone under it holding it to the counter. Cut along the silicone with a utility knife and gently pry the sink from the counter top with a pry bar being careful not to damage your counter. I recommend putting something like a piece of cardboard between the pry bar and the counter to keep from scratching it.

Some sinks and counter tops are one piece units if that is the case with yours you will need to cut it lose from the vanity without damaging it. You may find that a one piece unit is quite heavy so in list the help of a friend to avoid hurting yourself.

Tackling a job like this is very rewarding and will save you a pile of money. Removing the sink is only half the job be sure to read part 2 so you can properly install the new one.