How Did They Gain Entrance to My Home?

We want to think burglars are stupid, so stupid they can’t get a real job. We want to believe they are lazy. Not true, burglars are just misdirected in the use of their talents and believe me some of them are very talented. I will act as the burglar and tell you how I got into your house and why I choose you.

You know me I delivered your refrigerator, cleaned your carpets and painted the trim on your house.

I saw your alarm control panel at the front door through the decorative glass.

I watched your house for newspapers piling up.

I was the first to notice your lawn was not trimmed for over a week.

When you didn’t remove the flyers I taped to your front door, I knew you were not home.

I hate alarms over the sink and motion detectors, and even worse I hate window alarms on the second floor, thanks for not installing them.

Without an alarm system you actually gave me a few more minutes to select the items I wanted to steal, and those alarms wake the neighbors and get the police involved.

I’m glad you had no security cameras, I hate that the police use video surveillance system recordings as evidence.

Thanks for hiding your valuables in the sock drawer and medicine cabinet. Did you really think I wouldn’t lift the mattress? You should have gotten a diversion safe.

Thanks for turning off all radios and televisions. I like working when it’s quiet.

Didn’t you tell your neighbors to watch over the house and didn’t get one of those dog alarms. I hate nosey neighbors and dogs.

When I saw that 60″ flat screen TV carton by your trash can, I selected your house to rob.

Thanks for the extension-ladder in the backyard; I had no trouble getting into the second story window.

You forgot to set that alarm system because you were only going to be gone for a few hours. Thank you!

I’ll tell if your home by knocking ad pretending to offer handy man services. You don’t need to check me out or notify the police, as I would never rob you.

Nasty day, rain, cold weather and you are in a hurry to get going. Forgot to lock the door? I work in good or bad weather, I really don’t care.

If you hadn’t let me use your bathroom last week when I was working in your yard, I couldn’t have unlocked the bathroom window.

You live in a safe neighborhood, so don’t worry about remembering to lock the door. I knocked and you didn’t answer, I tried the knob and got lucky.

Thanks for leaving all window blinds and shades open Physical Methods Of Pest Control Pdf for me so I could select the items I wanted to steal.

Remember you announced your vacation on Facebook; it was very easy for me to look up your address.

You had a safe! I’m glad you didn’t bolt …