Home Protection in Hard Times

Home security is a top concern to home owners when the economy takes a turn for the Pest Control Library worst. This is a series of tips for your home security when you are home or away.
Mail & Newspapers:
If you are planning to be away for an extended period of time have your mail and newspapers stopped or picked up by your closet neighbor, friend, or relative.
Notifying Neighbors:
Notifying neighbors is always a good policy. Letting a couple of your close neighbors know your leaving town can be effective so they can keep an eye out for any problems. But, letting to many know is a very bad idea. It might not be your neighbor that tries to break in, but it very well just might be some one they told by accident or on purpose that would. Be careful not to let the whole world know when you will be gone on a vacation. Pick your closest neighbor to mow the lawn, pick up papers, get the mail and leave a number where you can be reached in case of an emergency. If you trust them to go inside your house to feed the pets then you will have to leave them a key.
Friend or Relative:
It is good to find a close friend or relative you can trust to actually live in your home or come and visit daily or every other day to take care of all the daily chores when gone for a long period of time. The lawn gets mowed, the mail and paper is picked up, the animals get fed, the lawns & plants get watered, the cars get moved around, and you don’t have to throw out any food before leaving. If you decide to go this way, make certain whoever has access to your house will be responsible and will know what to How Often Should Pest Control Be Done do in case of an emergency and can handle any situation if needed. They will need the phone numbers of neighbors you trust, alarm codes, keys to property and property gates, if you want cars moved they will need your car keys. Make sure you leave all information on how they can get a hold of you and when of course you will be back at home. This is not recommended for everyone, you can only do this with responsible people you can trust and feel comfortable leaving in your home knowing they can handle anything.
Gates, Garage, & Storage Areas:
Install locks on all gates, put a padlock on the garage door even if you have the automatic garage door closer, these can be pried up and crawled under. Install locks on storage area or shed, and lock up all ladders, gardening tools, etc.