Controlling Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches are unwanted creatures that tend to not only cause contamination to our homes, but also pose a threat to our health. They consume our food, crawl on our tables, plates, utensils, tooth brushes, clothing, and almost everywhere!
These pests harbor a lot of disease causing pathogens, not to mention that some of the bacteria that live in them are responsible for cases such as food poisoning due to the fact that when cockroaches crawl on surfaces, they leave off bacteria. In some cases, they tend to cause asthma in humans too as the bits of their excretion when inhaled, trigger allergic reactions.
Seemingly a predicament in the first place, these infestations can finally be put to an end with these helpful methods:
• Use “Exclusion” as a means of getting rid of roaches. This technique involves decreasing the chances of roach movement from place to Pest Control In Pharmacy place including the reduction of potential places where they hide such as areas that are moist and contain natural materials such as wood.
Exclusion can be done through sealing holes and cracks any corner of your home which roaches can use to gain access. Materials such as silicone sealant can be utilized. Before sealing though, thorough inspection must be done with the use of a flash light or a mechanic’s mirror.
• Never underestimate the importance of sanitation. Cockroaches love to live in an environment that is unsanitary. To do this, eliminate Pest Control Concentrate any sources of food and water that roaches feed on. Remove all dirt and moisture. You can do vacuuming in accomplishing this.
• Pesticide application is also effective. Keep in mind to base the pesticide application on labels. Some instructions may tell you to leave the area for a couple of minutes after spraying to prevent yourself from inhaling the aerosol droplets. When spraying, make sure that you spray close to the area where roaches are located for effectiveness.
• Sticky traps can also be utilized to catch roaches and are widely available in every store. They can be very beneficial too as the trap will be able to give you a clue where the roaches usually stay.
• Dusts that contain Boric acid can be an effective means in killing roaches. They usually are available in squeeze bottles. When using this, apply to cracks and holes and make sure you apply them only as thin, visible layers. However, be very patient as it may take several days or a few weeks for roaches to die.
With the application of pesticide together with sanitation, exclusion, sticky traps, manual killing and all others, the effectiveness of roach elimination depends on your patience and the proper use of the above-mentioned techniques.
Always remember that a combination of both pesticide and non-pesticide use is better than the use of only either of the two.