How to Get Rid of Fleas at Home

Fleas are considered as parasites that directly feed on human bodies and other animals that are warm blooded. Your body or pet commonly becomes the host for these parasitic pests. The usual size of the flea is around 1/12 to 1/16 inches in length. They have no wings and they are so small. If you look at their bodies sideways, they would appear narrow. Slender or slim fleas can move around and get inside the narrow areas. They are hard to remove from the body because their bodies are being covered with spines that are projecting backward. So if I were you, start your home pest control now.
A flea has the capacity to jump from 14-16 inches horizontally and 7-8 inches vertically. There is a red itchy slightly raised spot in the skin as a reaction to the bite of a flea. They usually need humid and warm condition to grow. Because of the weather conditions and the cycle of the flea, a lot of people do not know Gmp Pest Control Standards that they actually have problems with flea not after their vacation going home or after moving to new ground and bombarded with fleas. The most ordinary kind of flea is the dog and cat flea, but there are many kinds of fleas. These pests are attracted to movement, body heat and carbon dioxide that are being exhaled.
If ever you see an adult flea that is crawling on your pet, it is only a sign of a bigger problem. Recent studies prove that adult fleas are only 5% of the flea population in an area. Larvae account 35%, eggs are 50%, and the remaining 10% comprises the pupa cocoons. It only means that in every one adult flea found on your pet, there are 2 cocoons, 7 larvae and 10 eggs.
Fleas are living anywhere around your pet’s environment, but they are centered in the spots that your pet spends most of the time, for example is your pet’s bed spot.
Bear in mind that when an adult flea produces an egg on your pet, the eggs will fall down your pet’s hair in a minute just like sowing seeds. If your pet is commonly walking in a distinct directions may it be outside your house or inside your hose, there will be an extensive number of eggs that will be scattering in those areas. It only means that flea management needed to be spread all over your pet’s environment while focusing on the places that your pet is spending most of his time like the walking paths and the sleeping bed.
The ideal time to begin a program regarding flea pest control is after spring before infestation can happen because the adult fleas contain only 5% of the entire population. To manage the infestation, fleas needed to be controlled in all ways.
It is good to sweep, dust, mop and vacuum every surface where you and your pet have been. Eggs are being laid on top of your pet’s body and when your pet moves, these eggs will possibly fall off. All infected pets are suggested to be treated during that time and needed to be out of How To Keep Your Apartment Clean the area for 4 to 6 hours. It is also better to take away your bird’s home if you are having liquid insecticides. Turn off the pump and cover the fish. If you are using insecticides, better keep all your shoes covered until all the spots are dried up maybe for about 4-6 hours.
And if the flea problem is worse than you think, better call your local pest service.