Can Bed Bugs Hurt You?

Bed bugs are tiny insects that live on a food supply that consists entirely of blood from live animals including humans and therefore are considered to be parasites. They can be found living in the nests of birds, bats and Pest Control Technician Jobs other nesting animals and have also migrated into human homes and beds. However, proper pest control can keep these parasitic insects from invading and can limit the severity of an infestation if they invade successfully.
Bed bugs range in color from brown and orange to light tan. They are wingless with an oval shape and are flat bodied enabling them to hide in small cracks and spaces in homes and furniture. They do not spread disease, but similar to mosquitoes, they do leave behind small traces of their saliva in the location from where the blood was drawn. This causes irritation and minor allergic reactions from the saliva in the skin that then causes itching and inflammation. The discomfort caused by the bites is another reason proper pest control is important to keep these bugs from infesting homes.
Bed bugs can be found all over the world and have been documented in history back to ancient Rome and Greece. They had nearly died off after the 1950’s when pest control started becoming more widespread and common hygiene practices improved as well in Organic Home Pest Control more highly civilized countries. Poorer countries continued to have problems with infestations. In the recent decade, these pests have made a comeback in the more civilized countries due to an increase in international travel, tourism, and trade.
Infestations of bed bugs normally appear suddenly and without explanation. They often hide in loose clothes and can attach themselves to luggage and other travel items with skill. This is how they travel so easily from other countries and spread to new locations. Once they have traveled to a new destination they will spread through the building they occupy. This is why hotels and motels must exercise regular use of proper pest control, as they are especially susceptible habitats to attract bed bugs.
The best form of pest control against bed bugs is preventative in nature. Discarded furniture left by the curb or used furniture from other dwellings should be left alone. Previously worn clothes and other fabric materials should be carefully inspected and cleaned as well before taking home. Although hotels and motels cannot always be avoided, care should be taken when staying in these places. The beds and linens should be properly inspected and luggage and clothes should not be placed on the floors if at all avoidable. If the possibility of bed bugs is discovered, a traveler should request a room change and wash all clothes thoroughly upon return to their home. The luggage should be thoroughly checked as well or discarded.
If an infestation does happen to occur, a professional pest control service should be utilized to detect and exterminate the bed bugs. Professionals are best trained to know where to look for potential hiding spots. Sometimes they will even use the help of canines to sniff out bugs hiding in tough areas to spot. A professional service will also have the best insecticides, advice, and experience to keep a re-infestation from occurring. In some cases, furniture may even need to be discarded.
Bed bugs are parasites that can appear out of nowhere. They can be difficult to detect and manage once an infestation occurs. As a result, proper pest control techniques including preventative measures and the hiring of a professional pest control service once infestation occurs are the best methods for ensuring that an infestation will not get out of control.