Guard Dog As Security For Home Protection

Some security measures are simpler than others. For instance, a professionally trained guard dog (or dogs) can deter even the most determined burglar. Short of eliminating it, there are few ways to keep a dog from defending its territory from an intruder. Pick all of the locks you want, but if there’s a fully trained canine on the other side of that door or window, it won’t matter how quickly you get it open because you won’t be able to close it fast enough.
There are several types of dog bred specifically for guard duties. The best breed is probably amongst the Dobermans, Rottweilers or the German Shepherds. These breeds take to discipline well, and once trained, can be the next best thing to a fully automated security system. Actually, in many ways, such a dog IS a fully automated security system. For the price of care and feeding, a guard dog will protect your home from any type of intruder you care to name.
If you are intent on buying a security-trained dog, make sure you get it from a reputable trainer. Look up testimonials on the internet, ask around from other guard dog owners, even ask law enforcement officers about the local trainers. Get as much information as possible before you purchase the dog. If the animal is haphazardly or badly trained, it can be more dangerous to you than to any potential thieves.
When purchasing a guard dog, bear in mind, first, that it is NOT a family pet, in the traditional sense. While these canines require affection the same as any other domesticated Do I Tip Pest Control Guy animal, they are trained to bond with their owner and no one else. They will respond to one voice, one set of commands and ignore everything else. They are NOT pets.
This is not to say that a more traditional family dog cannot act as a guard dog, only that they really shouldn’t. A family pet, while ferocious in defense of loved ones, will most likely not be as ready to defend your home or possessions. Too, many dogs associate people with food and affection, making them easy marks for calculating thieves, who will make friends with a dog beforehand, then simply walk in and take what they want, without having to worry about getting bit.
In defense of household dogs, most will alert you of the presence of a stranger. These watch dog alarm systems can be all that is required to deter a burglar and leave your family safe of home invasion. A dog can be one of the general alarm systems that protects your home.
A guard dog, on the other hand, will not make friends with anyone save its owner. A thief will be unable to cajole a trained Homemade Bed Bug Spray Rubbing Alcohol canine into letting them enter, and will attack whomever enters their area, unless the proper commands are given.
If you’re looking for a security system that doesn’t require much in the way of home customization, then a well-trained guard dog might be the thing for you. Requiring only the initial purchase, and cost of upkeep, this canine is an autonomous security system that will not fail due to low batteries or a lightning storm. They will stay on alert when you tell them to, relax when you let them, and protect your home from anything and everything. A dog can be one of the general alarm systems that protects your home.