Bed Bugs In Our Homes

Until the production of DDT in the early 20th century bed bugs Integrated Pest Management Methods were common unwelcome guests in most poor quality homes.
The later part of the 20th century saw pest control companies called out to very few infestions indeed, their presence being mostly restricted to cheap holiday camps and student lodgings.
Adult are reddish in colour, about a few milimetres in size and engorged after a feed of human blood. They usually feed on human blood every few days, coming out in the hours before dawn and finding their target by detecting the exhaled carbon dioxide from human breath and when close in on their target.
Lacking a suitable human host to dine on they can stay in a period of dormancy of up to 9 months or even longer. Signs of a bed bug problem are spots of blood on sheets and on the edges of mattresses and a lot of people can react badly to there bites.
The early part of the 21st century has seen bed bug numbers multiplying everywhere, the easy availability of overseas and economic migration have both been given as reasons for the resurgence.
Pest control companies are also now reporting cases of transport infestations on tubes, trains and buses so Pest Control Jobs Salary a simple trip to work on an infested tube or train can be all it takes to spread bed bugs to your own home.
Just remember the next time you think of the rhyme night night sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite, it may have a completely different meaning.