Bed Bug Eliminating Tips – How to Eliminate Bed Bugs in No Time

Have you ever seen a bed bug? Do they bother you every night? If so, then you can start killing them quickly enough to stop them from laying more eggs and turning your bed mattress into their favorite vacation spot.
In this article you will get informative and helpful details on how to eliminate them in no time.
Bed bugs don’t just live in your mattress and couch, they can also live in the cracks of the walls and even in torn parts of the wallpaper. They can really cause a lot of problems, not just by damaging your furniture, but by also damaging YOU, with skin irritations, rashes and itching as they bite you. They often also live in clothing, and in very extreme cases, even hair! Can you imagine what a horrible problem that would be?
Here is what you can do to start reclaiming back your space.
1. Clean up your room, I mean really clean it.
Of course you clean your bedroom. But the resurgence of these pests has little to do with not being clean. When I say clean you room, I mean do a spring cleaning about twice a week, taking off your How To Keep Bugs Out Of Drawers bed sheets, blankets, pillow case, curtains and washing them in hot water and drying them on high heat. steam clean your carpets also, as the steam will kill not just the bugs, but also the eggs.
2. Vacuum clean your room.
The second thing you need to do is to vacuum the rooms. Reach areas where bed bugs are most likely to reside, such as areas under your mattress, bed frame, under your couch and even your closet will also need vacuuming. Make sure to toss the vacuum cleaner bag outside in a dumpter when you finish so that the bugs don’t climb back out into your house.
3. Take apart the beds.
Make sure to remove your mattress from its frame, and inspect it well. These bugs like to live under your mattresses and bed frames. Some recommend appling tea tree oil to the bed frame. Definitely have your mattress steam cleaned.
4. Check your rooms carefully.
Check your walls, closet and even your ceiling for holes. If holes are present then caulk them as soon as possible. The fewer hiding and nesting places they find in your home,the better.
If you have torn wallpaper, then peel it of and either replace it or paint it. This is another secret hideaway of bed bugs.
5. Call an exterminator, the sooner the better.
Remember, modern day bed bugs are very resillient and hardy, making it nearly impossible to handle on your own. Call a bed bug exterminator as soon as possible. How To Control Household Pests They will have access to the newest sprays that have been developed especially for bed bugs and will also prevent eggs hatching and causing further problems.
Remember, the above tips will get rid of maybe 75% of your bugs, the problem is that they multiply very quickly. And you can have another full blown infestation again in under 5 months with just the few bugs that you didn’t get yourself.