Pest Control Scheduling Software – Take the Sting Out of Booking, Managing Service Appointments

Online appointment-scheduling software is probably not a phrase on the minds of most pest control specialists. Their top priority is ridding homes, apartment communities, commercial buildings and other properties of insects, rodents, birds and other pests.
But to properly provide service and treatment at these locations, pest control professionals must have a reliable method for scheduling and managing their appointments. Some still utilize traditional-and usually outdated-processes for booking their service appointments: A customer calls it in and the receptionist or staffer checks availability, confirms the appointment, and jots down the date, time and information into a paper appointment book or electronic calendar. Depending on staff resources, a reminder phone call may also follow prior to the scheduled service date and time.
Doesn’t seem very efficient, does it?
That’s why pest control professionals and rethinking the way they manage their service appointments and client information. They’re turning in their paper appointment book and Google Calendar for a better way to schedule service: online appointment scheduling software.
The beauty of online appointment-scheduling software is its simplicity. You don’t need to be tech savvy to utilize the full potential of this technology. If you’re able to search the Web, check your online bank account and post a message on a social media site, you’ll be able to implement online scheduling software into your Organic Pest Control Products For Home pest control operations. That’s because it’s as easy to use as the aforementioned Web actions. The user simply accesses a Web site or online portal, logs in, and begins using the application. There typically are no downloads, installations or expensive hardware to purchase. All that’s required is an Internet connection.
Like almost all software applications, standard functionality does vary among scheduling-software providers. In general, most offer such features as:
• Online customer self-scheduling. How great would it be if your customers could schedule their own service appointments online? Most Web-based pest-control scheduling applications give users the option of offering online self-scheduling to their customers. All they need is Internet access, as they’ll navigate to the online scheduler in the same way as any other Web site, page or portal. Once there, they can view services, availability and pricing. They then select the specific service, date and time, and enter any required personal contact information. The scheduling software does the rest, with no additional action required on behalf of the pest control professional or his or her staff.
• Automated e-mail and text message reminders. Arriving at a location for a schedule appointment, only to learn that the owner, manager or other individual who requested the service is not there, is not only frustrating, but can cut into daily operating revenue. It’s a time slot that could be have been available to another customer. Some online appointment-scheduling software applications allow users to automatically send e-mail and text message reminders prior to a scheduled service appointment. These not only are a courtesy to customers, but can …