Accordion Shutters: A Practical, Affordable Solution for Hurricane Protection

Pascagoula is located in Mississippi; it’s close to both Gulfport and Biloxi, and is a short drive away from New Orleans. Pascagoula had a lot of new growth and development in the years just before Hurricane Katrina, but the area’s population has since decreased due to the damage from the storm and the loss of businesses and jobs.
Hurricane Katrina hit the Pascagoula with a 20 foot storm surge and waves of up to 55 feet, and it nearly destroyed the city. Because Katrina came ashore during high tide, it added at least another 2 feet to the surge, making the flooding and the devastation even more complete. Almost all of the city was flooded, and nearly all the homes along Beach Boulevard were destroyed. Even now, people are still living in FEMA trailers. Pascagoula never got the media attention that Biloxi and New Orleans did, but it was just as laid waste by the storm. Most Pascagoula residents didn’t have flood insurance, and before they could even begin to build, they had to put their houses on pilings.
Pascagoula, since Katrina, while coming back economically, is still a troubled area. Homes are being rebuilt, but it is a slow process. No homeowner wants to go without hurricane Where Do Mice Go After Eating Poison shutters because everyone now knows that preparation is key to home protection and hurricane safety, but rebuilding a home is a pricey business. What is a homeowner to do?
Accordion shutters are the best solution. These convenient hurricane shutters are hidden behind the windows or doors when you’re not using them. They unfold to cover and protect your home during a storm. They’re permanently attached to your windows and they don’t require any extra storage space. a single person can easily and quickly make your home storm ready. They can also be locked so that they can be used as a security measure. They glide closed on wheels, and all of them can be shut and locked down in just a few minutes. They’re both practical and affordable and they don’t stint on home protection. They are just as effective as other kinds of hurricane shutters.
Hurricane shutters are essential for home protection if you live in an area that is plagued by tropical storms and hurricanes. No matter what type you decide on, whether it is roll-down shutters, Bahama shutters, Colonial shutters or any other type, your home cannot go without protection. Not only do hurricane shutters protect your windows from high winds and objects thrown Are Pesticides Made From Petroleum at high velocity during a storm, they keep them from shattering during sudden pressure changes. A pressure change in a home that doesn’t have window and door coverage can actually rip your roof off or tear off pieces of a wall. Hurricane shutters protect you from all of this, and homeowners who are looking for a good solution should install accordion shutters today.…

EMF Home Protection Now Affordable

To effectively have emf home protection there are some steps one should take into consideration. For instance, locate the area in one’s home where the electrical panel is situated. This panel is also referred to as the circuit breaker. Once this is done it is advisable to relocate items like the bed, the couch from this particular area. The main aim of doing this is to ensure that one spends the least amount of time around this area.
By spending the least amount of time in this particular area one is exposed to the least amount of electrical frequencies emitted in these areas. It is important to ensure that these areas are well cordoned off to ensure that emission exposure is kept at very low level.
It is also important to ensure that the bed is not made of metal. Additionally, it is important to get rid of box springs and inner-spring mattresses. Such replacement as natural futons and latex mattresses are highly advisable. This is to avoid sleeping on a large metallic grid, which increases the chances of exposure.
Moreover, it is also advisable to rid the bedroom of all electronic devices to ensure emf home protection. This is especially so for the items that are located close to one’s head. These items include personal computers, radios, TVs, electric clocks among a myriad of other items. However, if this seems highly unrealistic, it would be advisable to unplug them as one sleeps.
Additionally, when one is looking to rent or buy a house, it would be prudent to acquire one that is located away from power cables. Numerous studies have continually linked power cables to cancer. Hence, it would be advisable to locate the home a great distance How Often Should Pest Control Be Done away from these. To ensure emf home protection it would be advisable to reuse one’s microwave oven. In addition, it would be prudent to avoid excessive use of the microwave oven. This is because microwave ovens are known to emit electromagnetic frequencies.
It would also be advisable to protect oneself from the electrical system. There are numerous products available in the market today that effectively deal with these emissions. Most of these products also protect one from Best Organic Insecticide emissions from cell phones and wireless phone emission. In addition, one should protect oneself from emissions from such devices as television sets, personal computer monitors, which radiate electromagnetic frequencies.
Substitute fluorescent lights with other forms of lighting for instance; one could replace this form of lighting with full spectrum incandescent lights. This is because for the fluorescent lights to function, they require ‘ballasts’, which are electric transformers. These electrical transformers in combination with the fluorescent bulbs emit a higher level of electromagnetic frequencies.…