Sales is Perfect Preparation For Business

My dad says I have been a salesman all my life. My first formal sales position was a door to door summer sales job selling animated bible stories. I shall ever be grateful for the friends who convinced me to go out that summer, because it changed the course of my life. I learned several valuable lessons after just a few short weeks, and I have applied them in every one of my sales and business ventures since.
The first area I learned is that persistence pays off. In sales, you learn that it is a numbers game, but even before you know the numbers, if you can just get out there and just keep working, you will get some sales. Right along with this is the ability to brush aside rejection, and all the people that tell you “no!”, and not let it affect you.
Another area of growth is that I was able to expand my comfort zone immensely. I now have the ability to talk to virtually Termite Control Home Remedy anyone, and can speak to large groups of people. This sure makes life easier, and is important in business.
Probably the area that I was affected the most that first summer, is the experience of being in complete control of my income. I did not get paid for my time, but for the results of that time. If I used my time wisely and effectively, I got rewarded. If I wasted time, I got nothing.
Sales is not for everyone, but I believe anyone can and should do it at least for a year or so, and give it all you have got. Whether you go sell Classification Of Pesticides pest control in Austin TX, or sell real estate in Los Angeles, if you are heading for a career in business, you need to go into sales first.