Refurbish and Restore With Bathroom Sink Faucets

Refurbish and Restore With Bathroom Sink Faucets

Decorators can replace old plumbing with modern bathroom sink faucets and achieve antique period looks with the great selection of finishes available. Burnished metal finishes such as brushed nickel or antique bronze are perfect for restoration projects. Polished brass, aged pewter or classic copper is also an excellent choice to give an authentic look to rooms designed in antique styles such as Victorian. Many of these finishes also work well for modern bathrooms. Decorators can choose polished chrome, stainless steel or gold plate for an elegant touch. One look that is classic is wrought iron. Bathrooms decorated with wrought iron accessories and faucet finishes are incredibly striking.

One can obtain the look of a completely remodeled bathroom by changing faucets and re-glazing old fixtures to give them a contemporary look. Modern techniques allow decorators tremendous latitude in selecting colors or even patterns to fulfill any decorating vision. When faucets have been changed and fixtures have undergone a makeover, decorators can get magnificent results by matching accessories to fixtures or faucet hardware. Bathroom accessories include wall sconces for lighting or shower curtain rods.

Towel rods or rings are a necessity and should be chosen to match or sharply contrast with the fixtures or fittings. Contrast draws attention and should be employed when decorators desire this effect. There are many other accessories that complete the design of a bath including soap and shower caddies, tumbler and toothpaste holders, grab bars for safety and toilet paper holders. The traditional spring-loaded holder is not required; decorators can achieve outstanding period effects by selecting freestanding holders with elegant designs.

Bathroom sink faucets are easy for homeowners to install themselves. Careful measurements are necessary to get the right size faucets to fit the old plumbing structure. If homeowners desire a different style faucet, then new holes will need to be drilled and the water lines will need to be adjusted for the new configuration. Sink faucet styles include centerset, single hole, widespread, wallmount and mini spread. Homeowners may also choose to install new washerless faucets and eliminate drips and washer replacement. Some finishes are resistant to water stains and fingerprints, making them easy to keep clean.

A bathroom makeover would not be complete without new showerheads. These may include advanced multi-function models, body sprays, handheld models, jet modules or adapters. Classic restorations usually require a claw foot bathtub, and a handheld shower attachment may be the ideal choice for some projects. Modern water management has progressed considerably in recent years, so faucets use less water and provide equivalent or better function. Replacing faucets will use less water and energy, decreasing homeowners’ carbon footprints.