Glass Sink

Glass Sink

If you are considering renovating a bathroom in your home you might want to consider the option of adding a glass sink to your space. Many homeowners often overlook this option and think that they have to stick with a traditional sink that is mounted into their countertop, or just below it. With a glass sink, you have the additional option of mounting it above your countertop.

One of the most popular options is the glass bowl sink. These come in all sorts of gorgeous colors and styles. One really pretty option comes in a teal blue color with what look to be raindrops encapsulated right into the glass. This is a real show stopper and sure to draw all sorts of compliments every time that a guest visits your washroom. Another equally beautiful glass bowl sink is the version that looks like it has thousands of glass mosaic tiles embedded within the bowl. It is incredibly beautiful and would make a fantastic addition to any bathroom.

If a bowl sink is not your style you can also opt for a more sculptural glass sink. One version looks like an oversized clam shell completely made from glass. It comes in colors like ecru and sea foam as well as traditional white. There are even glass sinks that look like a portion of the front of the sink has been sculpted out into a large dip. While this style might not be conducive to filling full of water to wash your delicates in, it definitely is a conversation starter when company comes over.

You can also find different shapes, such as square and rectangular. Many of these styles have an oversize lip on either side. These usually are mounted on top of a counter instead of in the counter. They also are available in a variety of colors, like the clamshell sink is.

If you are really wild and daring you can even opt for a glass sink that has an attached glass faucet. This is not a good option if you have small children in the house or a clumsy spouse. While the look is absolutely stunning, this is an option best reserved for a bathroom that does not see heavy usage.

Regardless of which option you choose for your home, opting for a glass sink is definitely something to consider. Even if you end up choosing a traditional sink in the end, it sure is fun imagining all of your glass sink possibilities in the meantime.