Putting in an Undermount Bathroom Sink

Putting in an Undermount Bathroom Sink

It is important to have a design that runs through out your bathroom to have it look right. So given this, the bathroom sink which is the main focus of your bath should of course fit in with that design theme. If you are redoing your bathroom you must decide which sink out of the many types that are available is going to work the best for you.

One option to think about is the undermount bathroom sink. Although in the past it has not been real popular it has been gaining ground lately as the sink of choice. This is partly due to the fact that it has no rim above the counter top to catch dirt and water.

While it is best and always easier to have your sink installed by a professional, it can be a DIY project that you can complete yourself. Just be sure that you have the proper tools before beginning and the proper installation parts, which are available separately or are included in an installation kit. Read the installation instructions that come with the sink and get an idea in your mind of what steps are necessary.

The most important step is to get the proper hole cut in the counter top. Most sinks will come with a pattern that can be placed on the counter top so that the hole can be marked. Once that you have the opening cut it is easier to turn the counter top over and work from the bottom. That way you don’t need another person to hold the sink in place while you attach the mounting screws. Be sure to add a bead of caulking between the sink and the counter top before mounting it in place. When every thing is all tightened up you can put the counter top back in place and your sink will be mounted with the only thing left to do is the plumbing.

Once the taps are in place just hook up the water lines and the drain. Turn on the water and let it run both hot and cold while you watch under the sink for any leaks. If there are no leaks then you are all done and you will be ready to enjoy your new sink.