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How to Choose the Right Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

How to Choose the Right Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

Choosing the perfect cabinets requires a little skill and lots of style. Whether one is working with cherry for the bathroom sink or pine for the kitchen pantry, there is no one type for every person. Besides choosing the material, one must select from stock versions, semi-custom stock, or custom-made designs. They may be bought used, wholesale, or full price. The budget may range form a couple of hundred to a thousands. They create a focal point on which other accessories are chosen.

The stock cabinets will come in specific styles and sizes. With a semi custom cabinet, you can expect a stock version where features may be changed out. It might be the carvings, whether the cabinet is flat or raised, and even the stain choices. Custom designs are just that. They are made to the particular size and style desired by the consumer. These are, of course, the most expensive. Wood selections are numerous. The deepest walnut or palest birch and all the shades in between make wood as unique as fingerprints. Though wood is always a popular choice, laminate, stainless, and bamboo are viable options.

When the time comes to select cabinets, set a budget. It is easy to find beautiful styles, but determine if they are affordable realistically. In a kitchen, the budget should be anywhere from one-third to one-half of what will be spent overall. Keep in mind, that in a bathroom, it may be more like half.

The design of the kitchen or bath will be the deciding factor. If the kitchen is sleek and modern, cabinets should follow accordingly. If the bathroom style is reminiscent of a Japanese spa, keep the design along a similar path. Sometimes mixing and matching styles works well, but one has to be rather gifted to make that work. With the cost of installation, it is best to research what sort of care they require. Installation of stock cabinets is possible as a do-it-yourself project, but if there is any risk of an improper install, look to a professional. It will cost more to correct a bad job than to have it done correctly in the first place.

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