Mosquitoes More Dangerous Each Year

Mosquitoes can ruin fun like no other creature on Earth. They annoy, irritate, suck blood and pretty much make everyone miserable. But there is more to these nasty little pests than irritation and that is the ever growing possibility that one will transmit a disease. Not just some minor nuisance of a sickness either. There are serious, perhaps deadly consequences from the perceived innocent bite of a mosquito. West Nile Virus (WNV) and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) are two of the most common and they are becoming more prevalent and more dangerous every year.
Why is that?
The main reason these cases are on the rise is a function of mosquitoes’ ability to become resistant to pesticides. Every time a pest population is exposed to a synthetic, toxic pesticide, a certain number survive due to some super-genetic resistance. They then pass that resistance on to their offspring and after several generations, the entire population is now immune to the effects of that pesticide. This scientific phenomenon is called Pesticide Resistance. Because of Pesticide Resistance, each year fewer synthetic pesticide products are effective for control.
But how does Pesticide Resistance increase the instances of West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis? Simple – survival of the fittest! These super mosquitoes are resistant to poisons and in the same line of reasoning are able to more effectively transport diseases that affect their victims, but not them as a species. Pesticides are being used to hopefully lessen the virility, strength and survivability of mosquitoes but when they overcome these setbacks they are stronger, heartier and better equipped to carry vector diseases that don’t affect them.
By using synthetic pesticides, we are creating resistant ‘Super Mosquitoes’ that are increasingly difficult to control and that are becoming more effective carriers of diseases that affect humans. Great…
So the first step – stop using synthetic pesticides!
There are safe and effective green pest control products that will wipe out mosquitoes. And that does not mean lighting a few citronella candles either. There are very powerful, green products that Pest Proofing Your Home use all natural ingredients to provide excellent natural pest control for mosquitoes. A key ingredient is cedar as cedar is deadly to pests yet harmless to humans, animals or the environment.
These aggravating blood-suckers are irritating enough without the fear of disease so make sure Bed Bug Dog Sniffers the prevention of a mosquito bite is powerful AND safe as there is plenty of danger already!