Home Protection Alternatives

With the increasing crime rates, every household should do their share to find the best, efficient and most effective methods to safeguard their properties and their loved ones from criminals. With the recent recession lately, more and more individuals resort to crimes to support their vices and to survive. Apart from robbery, car napping, rape and snatching, burglary is the most common crime in households.
At present, burglaries account for about 70% of property theft in the United States, which result to billions of dollars worth of property losses and considered far more damaging to properties than the tsunami. Because of its detrimental effects to the household, homeowners are advised to do their share of implementing measures against intrusion and theft. They should also take measures to protect themselves and other members of the family. It is already a reality that along with stealing Gold Bond Medicated Powder Kills Bed Bugs valuable properties, some criminals harm residents to keep them from reporting to the police authorities. If you are alone at home or you do not have a gun to protect yourself from criminals, what tools can you use to protect yourself? Do you have household items or fixtures that can be improvised and used for self-defense? Well, there are lots of things that you can use to attack your perpetrators, ranging from the spices in your pantry to the beverage bottles in your fridge.
Aside from these, you can also take part and join the community to implement systematic protection plan which can help discourage burglaries. With the rise of burglary cases at present, more homeowners are initiating educational awareness programs to educate people on the possible protective measures that they can impose to safeguard How To Clean House Like A Professional their properties. These measures range from simple and cost-efficient methods to the most expensive techniques. These include leaving the front and backyard light on during the night, turning the radio on when they leave the house, having a pet dog, and installing alarms and surveillance cameras in critical points of the house.
In some instances, these measures are not sufficient because there are clever burglars who manage to overcome these measures and enter your house. If you are not armed, you can use lots of things to immobilize him. If do not have stun guns or tasers, you can use the hard part of the lampshade to give a hard blow to his head. Remember that the back of our head is very sensitive and it is one of the critical pressure points of a person’s body. Giving him a powerful blow at the back of his head is enough to leave him unconscious and incapacitated, thereby giving you adequate time to pin him down and ask help from the authorities. Apart from the lampshade, you can also use rolling pins, pressure cooker, a bottle of beer and the baseball bat of your son. These are sturdy objects which can cause concussion and hemorrhage to your attacker.
You can also throw pepper power or granulate salt on his eyes and nose to create pain. The muriatic acid on your bathroom is very potent chemical which can cause partial to permanent damage when thrown to vital parts of the body.
Apart from these things mentioned, there are still lots of objects which you can improvise for self-defense.