Making Big Money Selling Just Isn’t That Complicated

Making big money selling just about anything isn’t that complicated. Many times we shoot ourselves in the foot by turning into order takers and forget the sales part of business. The main reason why we do this is we let our customers move us into complacency and we go along willingly, afraid to buck the system.
Big ticket selling is all about persistence and filling a need. No matter how big the price it all comes around to needs. In my work I have the need for big ticket items and the benefits sometimes matter more than the price.
Case in point. Pest control. I signed a contract with a “more expensive” pest control company that could service all of my locations and was “eco friendly” as opposed to the alternative company which could have saved me some short term money. The benefits outweighed the cost savings from the other company and accomplished a couple of initiatives that we were trying to accomplish including scalability and being more environmentally friendly.
This is not unusual and you should consider this when you are selling your product or service. Price is part of the equation, but not the most Terminix Acquires Insight Pest Solutions important part of the equation. But yet we are predisposed to thinking that it is what our customer always wants and we are usually wrong.
How many times do you sell on price alone? I do it a lot when business is slow, but remember, that is the exact time when we should be selling value. Give the customer more than they paid for or expect and over deliver on service and you won’t end up with a price shopper, you will end up with a customer for life! Holding the line on price is very difficult to do but it is the most beneficial in the long run for both you and the customer.
You say not, well lets take a look. The store owner wants to make a 30% margin on most of his products. At a $20 cost he will make a greater total dollar ring than a 30% margin at an $18 dollar ring. He will put more money in his cash register and have more in the bank account at the end of the year.
All in all, big ticket items are easier to make a big income off of than smaller ticket items. If you plan on making a full time living selling, you best learn how to sell the big ticket item. It will be your key to Rodent Control Methods Pdf higher income and happier customers. Now go out and help the marketing community and purchase one of those training courses for $1997 and help someone make a living selling big ticket items. (see…I told you so -:)