Brown Widow Spiders

Usually when you think about poisonous bugs, black widow spiders fire-off most of our synapses. Guess what? They’re nothing when compared to brown widow spiders. According to a new survey, these types of monsters are beginning to take over the territory once dominated by the black widows.
One piece of good, but tepid news: Brown widows are a skoche less toxic. While it sort of like being a little pregnant, a bite by one may not scratch you from the list of the living.
These beasts first came to shore in Florida in 1935. In a little less than 80-years, it went cross-country, showing up in California. When researchers sought out black widows in what they thought would be a likely habitat they were surprised to find brown widows instead. It made no difference if they looked in urban or rural areas. It appeared that the brown ladies had taken over from the black girls.
This displacement didn’t take all that long. It did, however tell scientists that in some cases the black widows are being replaced by the new invaders.
Where are they?
In the latter part of the ’90’s, the critters have all but taken over in Florida. And people say they’ve seen them in Alabama, Mississippi, Southern California, Arkansas, Sample Pest Control Program For Food Industry Colorado, Georgia, Texas and South Carolina. RV’s, cars and trucks seem to be their preferred mode of transportation. Thanks to mild winters, it exploded in population.
What do they look like?
You can find them ranging from dark-to-light brown. Their markings vary – yellow, black, orange, brown or white is on the back of their abdomens. That range makes them tough to recognize. The brown widow does have the characteristic hourglass marking. But unlike the black widow, the brown widow’s hourglass is orange to yellow-orange in color.
Other than the hourglass, there’s another way to tell if it’s a brown widow. Its egg sac is covered with tiny pointed spikes that look fluffy.
How can I prevent them?
Be clean. Wear cloves and take out your mops, sponges, rags, vacuum cleaner, cleaning solutions and other materials you usually use to add some sparkle to your interior rooms. After you vacuum, remove the bag and seal it in a plastic bag. Any unintended holes, spaces or cracks should be sealed. And don’t forget to weather strip.
What if they’re still around Pest Control Solutions after cleaning?
You may have to bring out the heavy guns – insecticide. If it’s really bad, ring up a pro and get them on-the-case. Not too big of a problem? Shoot a spot with some spider-death spray. Just make sure you don’t contaminate an area where kids and dogs frequent.