How to Caulk a Bathroom Sink

How to Caulk a Bathroom Sink

Any caulk of any sink or similar elements like toilets, will need renewing after some years. No matter how well-done the job has been done, the caulk will deteriorate with time, mildew will start to grow on it and it will look bleached and stained in some places. Any home owner can recaulk his bathroom sink when the time has come. You can save money and even time doing it yourself. If the caulking is so damaged that it is leaking water, then you must do as soon as possible. Water can deeply damage any bathroom. Repairing the caulk on time will only cost you a couple of dollars; not doing it can cost a couple of thousand dollars.

Follow the steps above for doing the job by yourself:

First tip – check your bathroom sink’s caulk every now and then. It deteriorates very slowly, so if you do this once every year, then you are already on the secure side. The same apply for other potential leaks in your bathroom or any other room. Cracks are a pretty good indicator that something is wrong with the caulking. If it is dry and cracked, then it is too old. It is quite easy to remove this dry old caulk. Any putty knife is good enough for removing it. If the caulk is covered by mildew, you’ll need to change it. There are anti-mildew caulks in the market, and it is almost an absolute necessity to use them to get rid of mildew. Mildew is tough to fight. If you find it on one place on the bathroom, possibly other places are contaminated, so use some anti-mildew product even if you see no mildew.

A leaking is no sign that something is wrong with the caulk and only the caulk. So, check the source of the leaking before you only repair the caulk.

Second tip: caulking is quite cheap and there is no reason not to do it. Almost everyone has the necessary tools and caulk costs only a couple of dollars. Don’t leave it for tomorrow if you already see that something is wrong with it.

Third tip: remember to clean all parts. That is an important step. Mildew won’t get away as a matter of magic. The surface has to be completely dry and you have to use some anti-mildew product on the sink. If you don’t have any anti-caulking at hand apply alcohol or gasoline. Both are lethal for any form of mildew. Water and soap is often not enough. Additionally, alcohol and gasoline can dissolve the old caulk, which is absolutely necessary for applying the new one.