4 Aesthetic Options in Getting a Copper Farmhouse Sink

4 Aesthetic Options in Getting a Copper Farmhouse Sink

If you plan to renovate how your kitchen looks like, you may want to choose to renovate it starting with your sink. One of your options in changing your kitchen sink is a copper farmhouse sink. The good thing about this sink type is that it has both durability and uniqueness in terms of its design.

A copper farmhouse sink looks very beautiful on your countertop since its front part will be displayed at the edge of your counter or cabinet and give you a different kitchen look that you want to have. Aside from this, this kind of sink is not made of thin sheet of metal but it is around an inch thick of copper, which gives it high durability than other kitchen sinks.

In getting a copper farmhouse sink, you will be presented with the following options to meet your design needs.

Impressive front

One of the main attractive features of this sink is its front that is exposed on the counter edge. There are a number of options in choosing this front design like those that are very simple or plain front. These are the sinks with smooth, flat fronts. For more elaborate design, you may want to get the sinks with carved fronts. Some carvings look modern while others can give a renaissance or medieval feel, which is the time when copper sinks are popularly used.

Curb up with curves

Typically, a copper farmhouse sink has a flat front but some kitchen sink manufacturers now create sinks with curved fronts. The curved front part will again take your kitchen sink style to a higher level.

Hammered surface

Usually, sinks come in smooth surfaces but these farmhouse sinks can come in hammered surfaces. Instead of being smooth, you will feel a textured surface as if it has been hammered. The good thing about this design is that it looks unique and antique.

Orange family is out

Thinking of copper will make you think of a metallic orange or rust color. These days, you have the same copper material on your sink but with a brushed nickel finish. The finish looks like stainless steel and will strike curiosity to people who will see it.

Changing your kitchen’s design with a copper farmhouse sink is very simple. With all the options available, you will find those that are within your preferences and at the amount suitable for your renovation budget.