Home Invasions: Coming to a Home Near You?

Every so often there are events that occur in the news that seem to continue and grow throughout the areas and end up looking like a “popular” trend of criminals. Well, home invasions seem to be the “flavor of the week” as it were. Home invasions were not a part of crime statistics because it would usually be labeled under burglary and there really was no cause to add a different category to the statistics. Now there is.
A burglary is where someone breaks into a home, steals items and leaves quickly. The burglar would attempt to be as quiet as possible (to not draw attention to their actions) and as quick as possible (to avoid being caught). A burglar would attempt to steal high-dollar items to sell or pawn for quick cash and would attempt to do so when they thought (or knew) no one was at home.
A home invasion is a more violent type of burglary and in some cases is not a burglary at all. Home invasions are more violent, louder without care of anyone hearing them and has an increased violence rate attached to them. Most home invasions end in assaults, rape and even death. The threat that accomplishes a home invasion is banking on the victims being immediately scared and “frozen” where they sit because of the rapid entrance, weapons in view and loud commands.
Some people have the misconception or mindset that since they are inside their home, then they are safe from any threats that may be on the outside. This is common, sad, but common. Others feel “When I am in my home Pest Control Technician Resume I am safe because if I do not invite them inside my home, they have no business coming inside”. Someone may want to tell the threats that rule because I don’t think that they follow it, or any other rules at that.
There are many things that can be done inside the home to ensure the safety of those inside but one would have to be proactive about their own safety in order to have a safer life. This does not mean that someone should become paranoid about threats or crimes, it merely means becoming aware of what could happen and doing what is necessary to minimize the chance in your home.
Newer windows have safety features such as locking tabs on the inside that stop the window from opening fully. These tabs only work when they are used, however, and just having them on the window will not minimize an illegal entry. Once the tabs are extended, the window can only be opened a couple of inches and if someone were to break those tabs by prying the window open, the noise would draw the attention of the occupants.
Older windows did not have the safety features of today and some of the older styles could be opened with a credit card or credit card-sized object by sliding it between the bottom and top window.
*Key thing to remember is: locks work when used and even if you use the locking tabs on the windows, a threat could easily break the window and enter the home. This would, however, create a large noise and hopefully that noise would be loud enough to wake or gain the attention of the neighbors.
Locking the door as soon as you enter the home will greatly reduce the chances that a threat will just “walk right in” as the statistics state. Some people actually believe that they are safe as soon as they enter their home and if/when a threat were to enter the home rapidly, the homeowners or occupants are frozen with fear because of the instant drama.
The usually doorknob lock works as a minimum safety device but there are ways to get through that minimal security lock. One of the newer ways threats are entering through a door using only the doorknob lock is by using a device that “bumps” the lock into opening. This is called “bumping” and is a rapid way to unlock the door.
Bolt locks work great and there are many types of bolt locks:
-Key/Turn knob lock: has key entry slot on the outside and a knob to turn on the inside. Most homes use this style because it is easier to use and install and serves its purpose well
-Key initiated on both sides: this could be used but requires a key to unlock or lock the door from the inside. This could be dangerous if there are children in the home because of the difficulty posed in an emergency. Trying to manipulate a key into a lock while under duress would not be an easy task.
Other locks:
Chain hasps: some of the older locks include the chain hasp which was used many years ago. The door could be opened a little to see who was on the other side of the door What To Do After Pest Control Sprays but not open far enough to let the stranger inside. The unfortunate thing about this lock is someone could apply enough pressure to the lock and door and bust inside.
Bar style: this is quite common on hotel room doors and work great but as with most locks, these could also be manipulated by someone who knows what they are doing and still open the door. Using a zip-tie on this lock would impede the progress of anyone attempting to manipulate this lock.
It is important to practice certain events inside the home (not just home invasions but safety scenarios as well such as fire, flood, medical emergency, etc) to ensure the family or occupants would be able to successfully egress from the area and remain safe. By practicing common events, the occupants would be able to respond without much thought. Without much practice, the occupants may freeze in fear and that is what the threat would want. It makes their intention become fulfilled that much easier.
Safety courses:
Attend safety courses to become better educated about home safety, how to safeguard your home and outside of the home safety as well. By becoming better educated, you can minimize your chances of becoming the next victim and living a safer life.
The sad reality is that most people will not pursue safety courses because “this is a nice neighborhood” and “nothing ever happens around here” and because of this thought they are more likely to be unprepared if/when it occurs at their home. Once it does occur in their home, they will always be fearful that it will happen again and will live with that fear forever. You cannot drive the “victim” and “paranoid” experience out of someone who has experienced it. This is why it is important to be prepared.
Final thought:
Along with locks and locking tabs, alarms are a great way to ensure your safety inside your home and when you are away from home but….alarms only work when they are used. If you do not set your alarms then it will never work for you.
Alarms can be outfitted with motion sensors (and it does not matter if you have pets), broken glass sensors and other sensors that can be attached to doors and windows that will sound if the sensors become separated.
For any home, threats are becoming more bold and care less about human life. Their goals are to do as much damage, get into their gang, steal whatever they can and hurt whomever they like and get out without getting caught. Do not become their next target: be proactive about your home safety and personal safety and minimize your chances that you are next. Be safe.