Got Bed Bugs in Seattle, Washington?

Bed bugs in Seattle, Washington are a serious problem that is only getting worse with time. The number of bedbug calls to pest control companies continues to rise globally, and Seattle is certainly no exception. Pest control experts in the area are seeing an exponential increase in bed bug related calls, so whether you’re in Bellevue or Kirkland, from Sammamish to Mercer Island, Renton to Ballard, you are not immune to the potentially devastating effects these little blood sucking creatures can have.
The problem has exploded in several SHA (Seattle Housing Authority) low-income buildings Biological Pest Control over the past few months. The pests are becoming resistant to chemical treatments.
If you live in an apartment complex and believe that you have bedbugs, make sure to notify your building manager immediately. If you are a home owner, and How To Do Pest Control At Home By Yourself you believe the infestation is in its beginning stages, you can try a do-it-yourself approach, although a pest control professional is highly recommended.
Bed bugs are NOT easy to deal with and don’t go away on their own. They can live for up to a year without feeding, so good luck trying to “wait it out”. Also, waiting to take care of the problem will only make matters much worse because bedbugs reproduce incredibly fast. The last thing you want is to regret putting it off and having to stay somewhere else because the infestation is so bad that you literally can’t live in your own home. This is not uncommon and people are faced with this predicament everyday.
Bed bugs don’t have to ruin your sleep and possibly even your life. Just contact a reputable, professional pest control expert the moment you know of an issue and they will likely offer a free estimate. An ounce of prevention may spare you months of misery.