Contrac Blox Rodenticide

The habit, environment, behavior and life cycle of rats make human frustrate to eradicate the problems which are caused by them. Somehow, selecting the best products is not enough to get rid of their presence Chemical Pest Control Methods in that rats can be considered into intelligence animals. There are some steps that you can follow to get rid of the rats from your house to prevent various diseases infect you and your family.
The first step is to know the species of the rat that you are going to eliminate. In spite of the fact that they are nocturnal animal, their size and habitat can be various. If you happen to hear scratching and running around in the middle of the night, you might suspect that they are the Black Rats or the Roof Rats. Their physical characteristics are adults rats can Side Effects Of Pest Control Chemicals reach up to 8 inches long with its tails longer than the body, the color is black and somewhat gray and the most important is that you will find them to live above the ground. On the other hand, Norway Rats can be categorized into giant rats in that their body can be twice than the Black Rats. The Norway rats usually prefer to live in ground level such as sewers.
In addition, rats are very in selecting their nest as a place for reproduction. They often make their nest in an attic or in the insulation. An adult female rats can born around 6-8 young rats. They young rats are born tiny and pink in color with their eyes shut. After three months life they become independent although most of the time they use the same habitat as their birthplace. You should not be surprised that when you catch the rats, most of them will be young rats and one or two are adults. This is very natural because they breed in high numbers and it indicates a family of rats.
After you know the species, selecting the best product is compulsory. Contrac Blox Rodenticide is a very effective product to combat Norway Rats. Based on the explanation above, is should tell you that the Norway rats in the biggest rat among the other common rats found in your neighborhood. Its unique shape and combination various substances including small amount of paraffin will attract the rats to gnaw. This perfect palatable bait works well in every condition of weather. As the habitat of the Norway rats and its family are in the ground damp area, this product are resistant to mold and moisture. However, it is also important to not that this Blox uses Bromadiolone, a very safe and less toxic anticoagulant which kill the rats shortly after they consume it. The various size of the products is suitable for household use or commercial use.