Even A Chihuahua Can Be A Guard Dog!

Not having a dog in our society is like living with your doors unlocked: You increase your chances of someone coming along and taking advantage of the fact you’ve made it so easy for them to wander in.
We live in a world that demands a certain level of protection against intruders. Every week in the news we hear of home invasions and assaults. One in four Australian households has been burgled and that number increases to one in three in capital cities. And shockingly in Sydney this week, a young girl had what appeared to be a bomb strapped to her neck while in her own home.
There is one simple thing you can do to greatly increase the security of your home and family. Get a dog! RACQ, NRMA and Neighbourhood Watch, along with almost every police department in the country, all recommend the presence of a dog as a burglary deterrent. According to recent research in the ACT, 75% of burglars said the presence of a dog “puts them off” breaking into a house. And it doesn’t even need to be a massive Rottweiler or German Shepherd: It’s the sound of a dog barking and alerting the household which acts as the biggest deterrent to would-be intruders. So even a little, fluffy Shih-tzu can scare off burglars!
Of course, if you are serious about home protection, a large, professionally trained dog can be your best defence against home invasion. There are many breeds out there that can be trained to the highest level of protection while still being a loving Pest Control Program In Food Industry and gentle member of your family. A trained protection dog will be more loyal and alert than any body guard and will provide years of love and security. Never attempt to train a protection dog on your own – that’s a job for the professionals.
Not all professionally trained dogs have to be man-stoppers. A Queensland jeweler has two large dogs who travel home with him from work. When he reaches his property, the dogs’ training kicks in: One dog remains in the car with the jeweler while the other makes a lap of the property to make sure there are no intruders present. Only when the second dog returns to the car, does the jeweler know that it is safe to go inside.
Dogs are intelligent and amazing animals who bring so much joy to their owners. And now, along with health and emotional benefits, they Pest Control Chemical Manufacturers can even make your home a much safer place. So invest in the best home security system on the market today: Man’s best friend!