Bed Bug Insecticide

Beg bugs are something which every person wants to kill or is afraid of. If you don’t know what it looks like then you might be in trouble. The adult bugs are around 5 mm in length and they have a colour which is reddish brown. After they finish How To Prevent Bringing Cockroaches Home feeding they turn into purple. They also have antennae which are well developed. Its simple eyes are extremely prominent and their feet are clawed which helps it in climbing up the rough surfaces. The shape of these bugs is oval and flat.
Now the best or worst thing about these begs bugs are that they can’t really fly. So if they want to move from one place to another they have to crawl or they travel catalogued inside clothing or books or furniture or luggage and so on. Usually they can go for months without taking any feeding. These bugs disturb the entire world. They also invade all sorts of households but then they usually take place in the ones which have a low standard of hygiene and also where there is overcrowding. Due to the increase in the amount of foreign travels and even sleep over’s the amount of beg bugs which are present in the world has increased.
These bed bugs usually hide in the cracks and the crevices which are present in the house and they come out at night time and feed on their hosts. Before dawn comes, they are done with feeding. These bugs usually like the rooms which are unheated. So if you have heating in your room then they won’t really be present during winter or autumn.
These bedbugs are increasing and becoming a problem. After they mate, the female lays around 3 eggs everyday for the next six months. These eggs hatch at a temperature of around 20 degree Celsius How To Prevent Bringing Cockroaches Home and it takes ten days. Then the nymph faces 5 more stages till it turns into an adult. The nymph takes 6 weeks to finish these five stages and hence the number of beg bugs increase like crazy.
Controlling this is very important. You will have to maintain very high standards of hygiene but then even this won’t really help with controlling it. An aerosol spray based on pyrethroid can help with getting rid of the bed bug infestation. If you want to get rid of the bugs completely from the premises then you might have to use insecticides on your bed, the furniture and so on. The best thing to do would be to call in the help of a pest controller.
After you use insecticide to treat the infestation you will have to keep all of your property out of the room. Although it isn’t really possible to get out of your house you should try and keep away from the rooms which have been affected. Also for around 10 days after the treatment you shouldn’t vacuum the house. Sometimes due to the hatching of the egg the bed bugs can be found after the insecticide is used too.