Is It True That Bed Bug Infestations Are On The Rise?

Nobody likes to fall asleep with a bunch of bugs in their bed. You may have been warned not to let the bedbugs bite, but for many years this hasn’t been a problem. In most homes and hotels in the country, bedbugs had been almost completely eliminated. This wasn’t always the case. Back in the 19th century, before modern pesticides were common, many people actually did have to deal with bed begs on a consistent basis. Although we might have thought that this problem was gone for good, it seems as if bed bugs are back with a vengeance.
Although the government and the media have tried to ignore what many Americans have already noticed, even the Harvard School of Public Health recently admitted that for the first time in decades, bed bug infestations are getting worse. This is particularly true in the Pacific Northwest area, where they have infiltrated single-family homes, apartment dwellings, movie theaters, and even automobiles.
Even if you are living with bed begs, it might take you a while to be able to figure this fact out. Bed bugs can be sly, and they like to remain undetected the majority of the time. However, if you sometimes wake up with a bite that you cannot explain or you feel a bit itchy, then there is a high likelihood that you are sleeping with bed bugs. It’s even worse when these bugs crawl into bed with your children. You probably like to imagine that your young daughter is sleeping peacefully in the next room. It can be horrifying to think that there might be bed bugs crawling all over her.
If you suspect that you have a bed bug problem, then you should know that this isn’t something that you need to live with. It is usually quite easy to call up a pest control company and to have them come over to your home. Many companies are experts at getting rid of pests like bedbugs so that you will finally be able to get a good night’s sleep.
Even if you haven’t yet seen any bedbugs or been bitten by one, it is a good idea to call up a pest control company. This is particularly true in places where the bed bug infestation problem is rapidly sweeping across the population. How Often Should Pest Control Be Done If you don’t have bed bugs yet, it will only be a matter of time until you do. However, you can take preventative measures now so that any bed bugs that try to crawl into bed with you will be unable to survive.
Finally, make sure to choose a pest control company that is green certified. This will ensure that they don’t use any nasty chemicals that might How To Keep An Immaculate Home cause damage to you, your children, or the environment. Call a pest control company today to eradicate bed bugs from your life forever.