4 Stainless Steel Sink Strainer Styles to Try on Your Kitchen Sink

4 Stainless Steel Sink Strainer Styles to Try on Your Kitchen Sink

You cannot imagine a sink without its drain as well as its strainer. This attachment does an important job so you will see lots of them like a stainless steel sink strainer in the market. They can be found as parts of your purchased sinks or replacement items for your old strainers.

But looking online, you will find a lot of stainless steel sink strainer styles from manufacturers. Different styles can have their own effectiveness in straining food particles from running down the drain. Basically, there four styles of stainless steel sink strainer you can find from different stores such as the following.

First, you have the regular strainers that have larger holes. The holes can be in round or triangle-like shapes. These are good design options for your kitchen sink and can assure fast flow of water to the drain. However, this will not enable you to have the best quality in terms of straining smaller food particles since they will fit on the holes.

Second, you will get the regular flat strainers with small holes. These are the ideal type of strainers since they can prevent smaller food particles from being drained out from the sink. The holes are made to be very small and distributed evenly over the strainer so they will be able to strain out food particles coming from different part the sink. But you have to watch out since the water may not flow that fast especially if some holes have already been clogged with suds or dirt build up.

Third, you will find a basket stainless steel sink strainer as one of your options in sink strainers. They can also have smaller holes but with removable basket that will help you throw the food particles easily since they will be gathered right on the basket.

Finally, you have the mesh basket stainless steel sink strainer that guarantees a sure way of straining food particles. This basket is just made from net-like steel material that will really trap every food and oil particles from clogging your drain and saving you from spending a lot of money from fixing your clogged drain.

These are the strainers that you can choose to use for sink. You have to make sure to get the right size of your sink’s drain to get the right strainer to fit in it and start getting your sink protected from potential clogging and save your savings from fixing and replacement.