Wide Bathroom Sinks

Walk into any bathroom and the one fixture that attracts your attention the most is the sink. Encased in a stunning counter top and equipped with a beautiful faucet, this is one piece in the bathroom that is hard to miss. Not only do sinks serve as the focal point, but they are also used on an everyday basis. From brushing teeth to washing hands, it’s important to have a fixture that is comfortable and practical to use, as well as beautiful to look at. Since bathroom sinks are widely used by everyone in the family, homeowners are choosing to upgrade these fixtures with modern, functional varieties. The choice for many is a wide bathroom sink.

Wide basins are just as they sound; they have added width and many are deeper as well. This allows more room for the daily tasks of washing hands and faces, brushing teeth and even bathing a young infant. These sinks are also great for soaking toys and clothes. Just because you opt for a wide basin however, doesn’t mean that it will be deep. Many varieties are long and shallow, perfect for a modern and contemporary home. These sinks are sleek and stylish, ideal for couples and families that share these fixtures. To add to their avant-garde appearance, faucets may be mounted on the wall or placed on the side of the fixture.

Indeed, choosing a wide sink for the bathroom has many practical advantages, in addition to having a unique appearance. Yet these fixtures are also quite easy to work with and allow for plenty of variations. To keep consistent with a contemporary theme, some homeowners choose to install the sink on the wall so that it is a free-standing unit. Others purchase an extra wide cabinet for the sink to be placed into, providing additional room for bathroom accessories. Or, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by installing the fixture onto the wall and adding a small, sleek shelf underneath. This design takes up far less room than a cabinet, looks super stylish, but still offers extra storage room.

Wide bathroom sinks can be made from a variety of materials, including cast iron, china and porcelain, glass, stone, concrete, metal, or wood. Each material offers its own advantages and disadvantages, but overall you want to choose a finish that is easy to keep clean, durable, scratch resistant and beautiful. For these reasons, cast iron, porcelain and stainless steel sinks are the most popular options, although you can’t deny the beauty and natural properties of bamboo or stone.

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