Why Bathroom Sink Faucets Matter to You

Why Bathroom Sink Faucets Matter to You

Designers often think of a bathroom as any other room, forgetting the important role of bathroom sink faucets to its decor and to the people who use the room. Pretty much anyone who is alive uses the bathroom, so it’s important for you to get the design of this room right.

Several design styles of faucets are on the market that can help accommodate your interior design preferences. These begin with the broad categories of traditional, contemporary and transitional. Different makers of faucets might use different terms or have extra terms to describe the styles of their faucets, but they all have ways to guide you into faucets that fit your motif.

After deciding what style of bathroom sink faucets your bathroom needs, you should think about the finish your faucets need to integrate with your bathroom’s design. Although polished chrome is still one of the most popular faucet finishes around, you should consider some of the newer finishes that have added both color and class to bathrooms around the world. Most finishes have a metallic look such as polished or brushed nickel, stainless steel, Tuscan, or rustic bronze, brushed brass, pewter and fired or antique copper. Other finishes are also available that include black, almond, white and biscuit; so you have much flexibility to create a decor that integrates with your faucets.

As you proceed through your faucet-selection process, you should also consider buying faucets that are eco-friendly. Many parts of Earth are now experiencing water crises where people simply do not have access to the water they need. Even in the United States, court battles are raging over rights to the nation’s water supplies. You might want to do your part in making sure all people have their share of water by buying faucets that are certified for conservation. Although most brands offer tips and tricks to limit water use, all brands do not offer green faucets that can lower the environmental footprint of a home. Take a close look at every brand and be sure to shop their water-saving faucets first. At first you might think that you can’t save much water with a green faucet, but most models cut your water consumption by about a third without your noticing any difference.

Quality must be a major factor when deciding which bathroom sink faucets you buy. You don’t want discount generic models that use old-fashioned washer-based valves and finishes that look like they’re taped on. You want a faucet that will give you a lifetime of maintenance-free use and look great from year to year. In fact, most designers seem to agree that cheap faucets require so much maintenance and replacement that they usually cost more than a reputable brand over time. Look for faucets with bodies made from solid metal and have finishes that have lifetime warranties.

Finally, when shopping for bathroom sink faucets, don’t forget to look at the exciting new electronic faucets that are available. Many of these work hands-free, removing the risk of picking up dangerous germs and bacteria from their handles.