When to Choose a Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

Bathroom sinks come in a huge array of colors, shapes and sizes. There are almost as many styles and designs as there are colors; therefore it can be a difficult decision to choose the right one to suit your bathrooms needs. For bathrooms which are of a smaller size such as powder rooms (half bathrooms) or houses that just have generally limited space, a wall mount bathroom sink may be the best option.

Wall mounted sinks are designed so that they do not need a counter top or a vanity making the installation convenient, easy and considerable cheaper all the while conserving space. Generally speaking these sinks may come with one or three pre-drilled holes for the faucet and the knobs which make the installation even easier!

A sink mounted to the wall allows the floor area under the sink to be kept open for areas where space may be limited or is a precious commodity. They also have a very nice design and appeal with a contemporary look; again, since they do not rely on a counter top or vanity for support but rather are drilled directly into the wall behind where the sink is installed. Vanity sinks that mount on the wall generally leave the piping exposed below the sink which is something some individuals may dislike about this option as opposed to a vanity mounted sink. However, many sinks come with a support arm which is attached under the sink usually at an angle to the wall; this is not as much for support as it is to provide a decorative way to conceal the exposed piping giving the wall mount sink a more pleasant appearance. The wall mount bathroom sinks that do not come with a support arm to cover the expose piping usually offer one for purchase separately at the same outlet or retailer where the sink can be purchased, they generally come in one or two different colors and designs to match the sink and allow you to better the appearance of the sink. These sinks are a great solution for any bathroom.

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