Wall Hung Sinks and Wall Hung Toilets the New Ultra Modern Bathroom Trend!

So what is the sudden mass appeal of wall hung toilets and wall hung sinks in recent years? Is it because they take up less space and make a smaller sized bathroom appear larger, which any homeowner would surely appreciate? Is it because they can be installed at just about any height to suit your needs? How about mounting two at different heights one for your children and one for you? Is it because people are looking for something different, which sets them apart from the Jones, and in turn makes their bathrooms feel modern, contemporary, luxurious and special. And let us not forget about the greying of our nation, having a wall hung sink is perfect for elderly persons because it provides easy access for wheelchairs.

So what is the downside to these wall hung pieces of bathroom art? Well, if you don’t like the clearly visible plumbing fittings beneath your sink, then this could be an eyeful. But there are actually three solutions to this predicament. First, some bathroom designers may simply treat the plumbing as just another design element and highlight it with stylish fittings or incorporate pipe covers into the design. Another way to play down the affect is through the use of decorative shields as used by some pedestal sinks but these of course do not actually span down to your bathroom floor. The third solution is to purchase an oversized basin where the deep walls of the sink adequately conceal the plumbing, leaving only visually clean lines. And just as an after thought, don’t forget to include a wall hung cabinet unit to finish off the minimalist effect in your bathroom.

Wall hung toilets are self contained which makes them easy to clean and butting up against the wall, they make excellent use of functional space. Just by virtue of being attached to your bathroom wall, clean up around these stylish looking fixtures is so much easier since they literally take up no floor space. The only stipulation of wall hung toilets is that since they are not supported by your bathroom floor, they need a steel support frame that must either be hidden within the furniture unit or incorporated into your bathroom wall. The plus side to this is that you can adjust your toilet to any comfortable height. Most units offer the extra comfort of elongated toilet bowls and by nature can fit into a relatively compact enclave leaving plenty of room for other fixtures.

The minimalist clean lines of contemporary design has always been popular, now you too can have an ultra modern stylistic bathroom by incorporating wall hung bathroom fixtures into your bathroom décor.

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