Undermount Bathroom Sinks – Have You Considered the Benefits?

Undermount Bathroom Sinks – Have You Considered the Benefits?

Even though the sink is a main feature in the bathroom, it doesn’t have to take up too much room. Personally, I love having counter space in the bathroom to spread out my makeup, hair, and skin care products. Don’t forget about the curling iron and blow dryer, either. It seems that I can never have enough room when I’m getting ready to go out. I also love a clean bathroom, and I hate cleaning dirt and soap scum out of the cracks in the sealant where the sink meets the countertop.

One solution for both of these problems is to install one of the latest and greatest undermount bathroom sinks. Instead of getting dirt and grime stuck in the sealant around the sink, the basin is attached below the counter surface and has no visible seams. Any particles that would normally get stuck in the sink caulking simply wash down the drain. This creates a sleek profile for your counter as well, because there is no sink lip and you hardly notice it. These sinks are also popular in kitchens because of the ability to clean them easily. Nobody likes soap scum or mildew!

You will need to hire a contractor or countertop installer to cut a precise opening for the sink to fit into. You need to have a tight seal and a perfect fit to ensure that you don’t end up with thousands of dollars of water damage in your bathroom cabinets and flooring. It is a precision job and might not be the best DIY project. Professionals will have all of the tools they need and surprisingly fast at this specific task. You will be kicking yourself if you cut the wrong size of opening in a brand new (and often expensive) countertop surface. Some home improvement projects that you will enjoy for many years are worth the extra investment.

If you do decide to attempt the sink installation yourself, there are several videos on YouTube and other DIY websites that can walk you through the process. We’ve included a video link at the end of this article to a series of undermount bathroom sink installation videos.

Top sink manufacturers like Kohler and Toto offer dozens of undermount sink styles. Think about your bathroom and how much space you have before shopping around for a sink. You can find almost any shape you’re looking for-round, oval, square, rectangular, etc. You can also find sinks in different depths depending on how much room you have between your countertop and plumbing underneath, and how much water your sink will need to hold.

Depending on your decorating style, you might want to consider the sink material. Hammered copper sinks have a nice rustic feel to them, while sleek white ceramic sinks and stainless steel sinks look great in a modern bathroom. With so many options these days, you should be able to find a high quality undermount bathroom sink that looks great in your bathroom and you will enjoy all of the extra counter space!