Types of Bathroom Lavatory Sinks

Types of Bathroom Lavatory Sinks

Bathroom sinks have come a long way since the inception of indoor plumbing, and these days, can be almost anything. One of the first sinks, the pedestal, is now becoming popular again. The original, however, was a very heavy (and easily stained) steel version; today they come in an easier to manage (and clean) porcelain in almost any color imaginable. The pedestal sink can now also be made of almost any material; from a wooden frame (pedestal) with a glass bowl sitting on top, to a more modernistic pedestal made of popcans with an aluminum basin.

If more storage is needed for towels or toiletries, etc, there is also the option of a built-in or base cabinet. Built-ins are usually done by the contractor; however, base cabinets (stock) can be purchased to fill almost any size area; or if the dimensions can’t be filled adequately, cabinets can be made to order, but expect to pay a higher price. Once the base is decided, there are any number of options for the counter surface and the basin or bowl.

One such product is a solid surface material that can be ordered-to-size that fits on top of the base cabinet, and can be shaped, (when ordering) into almost any configuration to allow for a vanity area or to fill a space the stock cabinet didn’t entirely fill, and can be ordered in almost any color. Since the color goes all the way through, the advantage of the solid-surface material, is that it can be lightly sanded by the do-it-yourselfer if it gets stained or nicked, or even burned by a cigarette.

Another product that is gaining popularity in bathrooms is granite. During the last decade, granite has been growing as the counter-top of choice for many kitchens, and is now finding its way into the bathroom due to its durability. Though not a solid surface, it can have numerous basin options to make your lavatory unique: a porcelain, stainless steel, or any number of glass bowls either surface-mounted or mounted below or, as with the glass bowls, sitting directly on top of the granite with only the drainage hole drilled into the counter top.

In today’s market, the style and type of bathroom sink is limited only by the imagination. Whether the style is rustic, with a wooden slab for the counter-top and a wooden salad bowl for the basin; or is more traditional with a laminate counter-top with a drop-in porcelain bowl, there’s a product that’s just right for everyone, and fits into almost every budget.