Top Tips To Keep Pests Away

As the weather gets warmer in the UK, we might start to see more and more flies, bugs and insects about, some large and some small. Unfortunately, these pesky creatures can start to make their way indoors if the environment is right for them. By following these few simple steps, you will keep pests away from your home.
Firstly, a dirty house is more likely to attract pests. Make sure that you clean out your bin regularly, and mop up any food and drink spills Organic Home Pest Control soon after they happen – bugs don’t mind eating off the floor! The more food mess left around, the more likely ants and flies are to appear.
Keep any foods or drinks, especially sugary foods/drinks or carbohydrates, sealed and out of sight. This not only keeps them fresh for you but stop wasps and ants from being tempted into your house. Ants especially love sugary drinks such as cola and foods like jams.
If you have any areas in your house that are prone to damp, make sure you keep a really good eye of them as it gets warmer. The damp can grow mould which in turn will attract Clean House Tips creepy crawlies. You can buy a range of damp products including damp wallpaper which will help the problem or alternatively contact an expert if you are really concerned.
Products containing citronella are a great, harmless way to keep pests away. The candles are brilliant for the summer when you’re sitting in the garden to keep those pesky mosquitoes away.
For bigger pests such as rats and mice, again make sure that you don’t leave food lying around and even make sure that bin bags are not left lying around exposed for too long. Too see how they are entering your house, check around for hole and cracks that they could be coming in through. Once you have identified their route in you can seal it up preventing them from returning.
By following these few tips, you should be able to keep pests away from your home better. If you do come across an infestation of flies or insects, contact a pest control expert rather than tackling the problem yourself. This is true especially if you are unsure of the type of pest. Your pest control expert will be able to advise you of the best way to deal with your problem whether you want to deal with it yourself or contract the company to do it for you.