Tips For Easy Bathroom Sink Drain Installation

Having an old bathroom sink that causes a lot of trouble can be a bit frustrating. Maybe your old bathroom sink is leaking, or has a stopper that does not work. Rather than fixing it, it is always better to install a new one. You do not have to call professional plumbing service to do this since it can cause a lot of money. Bathroom sink drain installation should be easy if you know how to do it. However, if you are not confident doing it on your own, it would be wiser for you to call a plumber.

First of all, you need to choose a new drain with the same diameter as the old one. You’re free to choose whatever style you like. Begin the bathroom sink drain installation by cleaning the areas underneath the sink so that you have an empty space to begin the work. Loosen the cap that connects the drain and the pipe so that the drain will be disconnected. Then, you should loosen the nut located at the end of the drain pipe underneath the sink so that the drain can be pulled out. Put the nut and the wedge shaped seal on the new drain pipe in the same way. However, if you break the seal accidentally, you can always buy a new one in the nearest hardware store.

Once the sink is removed, clean the crud around the edge. Use caulking from a tube and turn over the drain flange so that the bottom faces up. Make sure to apply the caulking in the area underneath the drain flange. Insert the flange into the drain and turn it clockwise then hold it in position for few minutes. Last but not least, you need to install the sink basket. Simply insert the tailpiece into the flange and turn it clockwise to tighten. Put on the nut and tighten it. Attach the pipe into its original position then attach it to the bottom of the drain.

By following the simple steps given above, you can easily install a new bathroom sink drain on your own. Every homeowner can install new bathroom sink by using simple home tools without any hassle. If you follow the steps accordingly, it should not leak or cause other problems. However, you should check for any leaks by turning on the tap when you have finished installing. There is a possibility that some of the parts are not installed properly.

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