Tips for Choosing a Modern Minimalist Home Door

Minimalist house door designs are usually characterized by a simple shape. Minimalist doors have not too many details. Minimalist doors carry more stripes, both vertically and horizontally. Some minimalist doors are even designed without any motif, but are plain doors swept with neutral colors, such as white, black, gray or brown and the natural color of the door wood itself.

A minimalist house is a house that has a simple design pattern. The material that is usually used for this design house is iron. In the construction itself, a mature concept is needed, and pay attention to every element of the design. Starting from windows, tiles, to doors. In this article, Pinhome will provide tips and tricks for choosing a minimalist home door model.

The door can determine the appearance of your minimalist home as a whole. So it’s really easy and difficult to choose the right door, because there are many elements and factors that you must consider carefully. So that you don’t make the wrong choice, let’s look at some tips and tricks for choosing a minimalist home door model below.

Minimalist Door Features

Minimalist homes usually also use minimalist home door models and styles as well. Minimalist doors are not appropriate when installed in a non-minimalist style house. Instead, it will eliminate the elegant impression of the door itself. And usually people will prefer to use a minimalist door from their own order design. Because it will highlight the character of the owner of the house.

Some of the characteristics of a minimalist door are:

  1. Using wood or uPVC which is strong enough
  2. Door details usually use horizontal and vertical stripes motifs.
  3. Using plain and natural colors. Such as black, white, gray, and brown.
  4. Has a plain motif, firm but still quite attractive.

In general, the basic principle of a minimalist door is to add elements to the door to eliminate the stiff impression of the door. And this is the hallmark of almost all the doors of the minimalist house.

Important Factors in Choosing a Minimalist Door

Some things that should be understood in choosing a door for a minimalist home are, you must understand all the supporting components of a house. One of them is the door selection . There are 4 important factors when it comes to choosing which minimalist door is right for your home, as follows:

a. Choosing the Right Design

Even though they have the same minimalist design, the minimalist home door model is also different. There are minimalist doors that have one door, or two doors . Then there are those who add glass elements to the doors, some do not. The use of details for the door handles and handles uses silver, iron, or other types of metal handles. And some use horizontal or vertical elements in their models and designs.

b. Choose the Right Material for Your Minimalist Home.

So far, people have been familiar with this kind of material through PVC pipes, which are more popularly known as paralon pipes. Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride or UPVC itself is a type of thermoplastic material derived from salt and petroleum elements. Thermoplastic is a material that will soften, melt when exposed to heat (the opposite is: Thermosetting, which will harden when exposed to heat). According to their nature and characteristics, materials made from the above elements have weather and chemical resistance properties. In its application when used for the manufacture of frames, these materials were developed with the addition of several other materials to strengthen their structure. And when it has been applied to a frame, either a door or window frame, the manufacturer of this UPVC product claims, UPVC frames have several advantages such as environmentally friendly materials, fire protection, energy saving, maintenance free, leak-proof, termite-resistant, weather-resistant, double-locking system, noise-canceling.

c. Unlimited Color Options.

uPVC door designs have many and unlimited color options. several color choices used are: brown, white, black and gray. As well as the color derivatives from the mixing of the four colors. For example, the color cream that is produced from white mixed with brown. And so forth.

d. Adjust to Budget

To be able to get a minimalist door for your minimalist home door , of course the pocket you have to spend is not small. At least for a simple one-leaf minimalist door, it has been valued at around five million. Now! You can consider the price of another minimalist house door from the model you want, right?

Choose the Design You Want

Even though you already have an initial concept, there are many other factors, you know, Pins! For example, the model of the door, the material of manufacture, the type of handle or the size. So besides having to be adjusted to the initial concept, you also have to choose according to your wishes. So that you don’t get bored quickly.

Choose the Door with the Best Material

Another important factor is the material used to make the door. Because the material is different, the benefits and durability are also different. If you want to add an elegant impression, you can install a door with wood material. Or if you want a door that is durable, fiberglass material is the right choice for you.

Pay attention to the color and pattern of the door

In order not to damage the design of the house, the selection of minimalist door colors must be adjusted to the color of the house as a whole.

Choose a minimalist door size based on the room

Choose the size of the door based on the room Pins, for example, the main door of your house will be different from a minimalist door leading to the backyard. And the door chosen for the bedroom is certainly different from the bathroom door.

Choose Based on the Features Offered

In addition to being an access in and out of the house, the door also functions as a house security unit. It is very important for you to know what security features the minimalist door has. Many homes with modern style today use smart doors or doors that are connected to wifi. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock the door.

Adjust to Conditions and Needs

Adjust the minimalist door that you choose to your needs, Pins. Try to work around this Pins, if you want to buy a minimalist door for the warehouse area, you can buy a used door. But, if it’s for the front door, you definitely buy a new and higher quality door. So, it depends on your needs Pins.

Choose a minimalist door according to your budget

This is the most important Pins. if you have chosen the door according to your wishes, but the price is too high, you can cancel it. So, so that you don’t regret it, try to stick to the budget you have set, or if you really want the door, you inevitably have to save at a later date.

Those are some tips and tricks for choosing a minimalist door model for a minimalist style house, hopefully it’s useful and you don’t choose the wrong one, Pins!