Tips and Information on How to Keep Mice Out of Your House

Mice are small pests that no one likes to see in their house. These rodents can carry a variety of diseases and can reproduce at a rapid rate. Mice and rats are very similar and are usually found in the same habitats. Both pests are a big nuisance to humans and can be a health threat. Mice will go into a home for food, shelter, and water. These are a few ways to know if you have mice in your house:
• Listen for their sounds. You can often hear small feet either in your ceiling or walls.
• Look for their dropping. Almost every time you see dropping you will have mice.
• Look to see if your food has been eaten. Check for holes in bread products.
Mice like to stay in groups. If you find one, there will most likely be a group of them hidden somewhere in your house. Mice like to live inside of walls, so seal up every hole in the wall to prevent mice from nesting there.
Here are some tips to keep Organic Insecticide Spray your home mice free:
• Keep all food sealed and in containers. When a mouse finds food, it will continue to keep going back to that spot even if there is no more food.
• Make sure the screens in your windows and doors do not have How Can We Keep The School Clean holes and are sealed. Mice can enter through the smallest holes.
• Get rid of all possible nesting areas that mice could stay in. This includes cardboard boxes and stacks of paper. Keep all draws and doors shut when not using them and take the garbage out often.
• Try and locate the point of entry. Once you do, be sure to seal it up. If the mice still come back, contact a pest control company.
• Make sure there are no branches or bushes touching or near your home. A mouse can get into your home by climbing off a branch right into your attic.
• Make sure the areas where wires come into your home are sealed. Squirrels and mice can run along the wire right into your home.
• If you try and use mouse traps, put the trap down first with out any bait. This will make the mice get comfortable with the trap so once you do put food on it, they will not hesitate to go to it. Use peanut butter or chocolate as bait.
If you experience a mice problem, contact a pest control company. Pest professionals can remove the mice and continue to monitor if they come back.