Three Tips to Organic Pest Control for Your Garden

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to grow a beautiful garden without the intrusion of plant attacking pests? That would simplify everything. But to keep our lovely gardens intact we do have to keep an eye on these menacing little creatures, because as tiny as some are, they can cause enormous problems in the garden.
So here are three simple action tips you can do with the help of Mother Nature, to allay these “bad bugs” and grow your beautiful garden:
Tip 1: Keep it Clean: That is, Keep your garden area clean from waste.
•’Bad Bugs’ may be kept away by garden cleanliness. Heaps of waste can be attractive abodes for the breeding of damaging insects. Well-made compost can help the garden to grow, but unkempt areas often invite the wrong kind of bugs.
Tip 2: Beneficial Critters and Beni-Bugs Housework In 2 Hours to Reduce Bad Bugs in Your Garden:
•Birds: Many common birds like robins, sparrows, meadow larks, chickadees and other beautiful small insectivorous birds eat insects. Yet another way nature happily and organically helps.
•Frogs: Frogs and toads are great and they eat bad bugs. These cute little critters can consume an amazing amount of ‘bad bugs’ at one mealtime.
•Good Bugs eat bad bugs. Ladybird-Ladybug beetles, the beautiful green metallic sheen ground beetles as well as other beetles of the Carabidae Family,the Minute Pirate Bug, the stingless wasps, and many others are part of the “Good-Bug” line up.
Tip 3: Invite These Birds, Frogs and Good Bugs, To Your Garden:
•Birds love a nice birdhouse, a birdbath with fresh water, a hanging bird feeder full of birdseed, and even a bit of bird seed sprinkled about in the early spring invite these ‘bad bug’ eating birds to visit for a while in your garden.
•Frogs and toads like to quiet, dark, damp shaded retreats during hot summer days. Simple toad houses can be bought from plant or hardware stores, or simply arrange a larger stone or stones under the shade of a shrub with a carpeting of ivy or some damp leaves. Then at night these little warriors are ready to venture out and eat their fill of your bad bugs.
•Good Bugs can be invited by planting “insectary Rodent Control Cost plants” like fennel, coriander, dill or calendula.
These can be grown next to or between your chosen garden plants. You can even buy ladybug or praying mantis larvae at local hardware and plant stores as well as online.