The Fight of Your Life – Must-Have Self-Defense Moves

In an ideal world, the closest you will ever get to an attacker will be what you see on television. Unfortunately that is not the case for everyone. All you have to do it turn on the news, read a newspaper or search the web to find an endless list of violent crimes happening each day. Unfortunately the world we live in is not a safe place and everyone should be prepared to defend themselves Eliminate Harborage Conditions should a life and death situation arise. Of course, no one should live in a perpetual state of fear, however a healthy dose of caution will go a long way toward ensuring individual safety. In addition, knowing self defense moves that really work can make the difference between being a victim or walking away from an attack. Here we look at a few basic self defense moves everyone should know.
– Armed defense: Self defense devices such as pepper spray or a stun gun can give you an advantage should you have the opportunity to utilize these defenses before having to physically defend yourself. If you carry one of these devices, Tiny Black Bugs In House remember that is only part of your arsenal. Do not allow the presence of a stun gun or other defense mechanism to lull you into a false sense of security – you might not get the chance to use them in a real life attack.
– Use your head: Butting heads might be effective in the movies, however most people would not be able to use that move during an attack. Should you find yourself the target of an attacker, you can use your head to level the playing field. While it is easier said than done, keeping a clear head and being aware of your surrounding is vital when warding off an attacker.
– Take aim: Assuming you have no opportunity for escape and are forced to fight an attacker, make every movement count. Fighting (and that is what you are doing) will quickly tire a person therefore each hit, punch, jab or kick should be aimed at disabling your assailant, even if only long enough to get away. Aim for the face and groin area versus arms, legs, chest or back. Use whatever objects are at your disposal as weapons. A pen or a set of keys can inflict enough pain to temporarily distract your attacker. Remember you are fighting for your life- there are no rules besides winning.
It is impossible to offer instructions on self defense for every possible scenario. Extensive martial arts training may come in handy, however in most street level fights there is not one right or wrong reaction. Preventing an attack is the best defense although it is not always possible. Paying attention to your surrounding and spotting predatory behavior can be the first step in defending yourself from an attack.