The 5 Best Bug Zappers of 2020

We all have some pesky bugs that are all around our homes, inside and out. That is why the invention of bug zappers was such a revolution to pest-free living that allows us to spend those late summer evenings hanging around on the back patio without getting eaten by mosquitos or any other types of insects. These wonderful little bug traps for home electronic devices do the work of eliminating these pesky insects and removing their invasive presence from our habited areas like patios, campsites, picnic tables, and even inside our homes. They apply a light enough shock that they are harmless to us humans if we happened to bump into them wrong and got shocked a little bit but enough of a shock to zap the assaulting bugs and fry them instantly. Every time you hear the zap of the bug zapper you know there is one less mosquito or other biting insect removed from the area and that can make it a very comforting sound. So, now that we all know what bug zappers do and why we love them so much, let’s take a look at the top 5 bug zappers – 1 for each category/type of zapper.

Top 5 Bug Zappers—One for Each Category

Outdoor Zapper—Flowtron BK-80D


This is a powerhouse of a bug zapper and you will surely clear your yard of pesky biting and stinging insects in no time. That is because this model boasts that it clears up to 1 ½ acres of a property when plugged in. It features a black light ultraviolet bulb in the center of a wrap-around 80-Watt electrical grid. So, the bugs are attracted immediately to the ultra-bright ultraviolet light bulb and as soon as they get close to it then you hear a “ZAP!” and they are no more. This setup can kill thousands of insects per night and operates for only pennies per day worth of electricity. It is highly efficient at what it does, but if it is not ridding your area of insects fast enough for your liking, then you can add the optional Octenal mosquito attractant additive that chemical entices the mosquitos to come in close to inspect the very strong pheromones emitted by the Octenal additive. This will get rid of nearly all mosquitos anywhere near you or the zapper and they will be attracted to the zapper before being attracted to bite you. So, you will have little worry about mosquito bites or any other insect bites or stings with this machine plugged in on your patio or deck.

Indoor Zapper—ASPECTEK Electronic Bug Zapper 40W Insect Killer


This is an awesome model of bug zapper that was specifically designed for indoor use and has plenty of features that make it great at its job. For starters, it has a protective steel screen that protects from inadvertent shock by touching the electric grid. This makes it perfect for use around kids and pets as it will not allow anyone to get hurt even if accidentally bumped into or knocked over. The dual 40-Watt bulbs attract all those flying insects from every inch of the room or area it is placed in. Plus, it can be either hung from the ceiling using the provided hooks and chains or set on any solid surface like a countertop, table, or shelf. This means it is not only safe but is also versatile. Finally, it is extremely powerful and features a 2800-Volt electric grid for frying any insect that comes into even the slightest of contact with it. Then those insects fall into the removable tray in the bottom of the unit so it can be easily cleaned out and replaced in mere seconds. All around, this is a great bug zapper unit that is perfect for using inside your home, cabin, large tent, or anywhere else.

Rechargeable Zapper—BroElec Bug Zapper


This zapper from BroElec is a wonderful portable bug-killing unit that you can take with you anywhere you go. With its 2200 mAh rechargeable battery, you simply need to plug in the micro USB charging cable to any outlet, laptop, or portable battery pack and refill the unit’s electrical charge and it is ready to go again. Although, you will not have to do this often because it can go for up to 30 hours of bug zapping operation time on a single charge. Or you can simply use the unit as a portable lantern as it allows you to use the light source only without charging the electrical grid up, so you can use it in a variety of different ways. It is the perfect zapper for taking with you on any camping, boating, hiking, fishing, or any other kind of trip that takes you into the great outdoors. The unit is IP66 waterproof and you can easily clean the unit by putting it under some running tap water or hosing the unit off and it will work even in rainy conditions. Finally, the four UVA bug lights and LED light bulb have 3 power settings that allow you to choose a setting from a low of 30 lumens up to a high power brightness of 180 lumens, so you can adjust it to fit whatever the setting you find yourself in calls for.

Racket/Wand Style Zapper—Intelabe Bug Zapper


Not only is this tennis racket style bug zapper more than powerful enough to annihilate any mosquito or flying insects. At 4000 Volts it is the pinnacle of portable bug zapping power and puts the electric grid at your fingertips for swinging, waving bug-killing fun and excitement. The 1200 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery can be plugged into any USB device to charge up for hours of more bug-killing action. Then, the electric grid itself is layered under 3 sheets of protective mesh that keeps you from ever being able to shock yourself while never missing an insect. This added level of safety makes this the perfect choice for giving to children to keep them busy and entertained on any camping trip or other outdoor outing experience. This will keep them out of your hair while also giving them some control over the bugs that typically would otherwise be biting them and making them miserable. So, instead of whining and complaining, you will hear laughter and shrieks of exciting fun. Finally, this model of wand-style zapper features a removable LED flashlight. This is because the built-in, bug-attracting LED light can be removed from the racket by undoing the handle for an easy-to-use, removable, emergency flashlight.

Bulb Zapper—Wanqueen Bug Zapper Electronic Mosquito Fly Killer Lamp


This zapper is perfect for any room or outdoor area of your home, business, hotel, or any other building that has bug and mosquito problems. These lamps simply screw into any regular 110-Volt light bulb socket on any outdoor or indoor light fixture. They have two settings of either bug zapper only or bug zapper and light bulb both activated so you can adapt to fit your exact needs. These incredible inventions turn the tides in the war against bugs as they allow you to have a bug zapper with you anywhere that you would otherwise just have a light bulb attracting more bugs to the area. The bug-killing nature of this zapper is perfect for many uses and the UV LED light trap brings the bugs into the kill zone and then zaps them to death one after another until the area is as close to being rid of bugs as you can reasonably expect. You can keep the bugs and mosquitos presence at bay using one of these in your bedside lamp, outdoor light fixture, in the kitchen overhead light, or anywhere else you may need some extra bug-killing help. The advanced light wavelength technology adopted by Wanqueen for these wonderful bug traps for home light bulbs allows for peak performance while using the least amount of electricity possible. This makes them a highly efficient choice for a bug zapper, and the fact that they come in a 2-pack just sweetens the deal.