The 3 Most Common Pests In America

Pests come in all forms such as ants, bees, wasps, termites and so on. And they infest both homes and offices. And infestation can range from mild annoyances to full blown war for control of your home or office. But of all the pests in America, the most common pests are the following –
Ants – They’re an irritating group of pests. And they are the most numerous of all pests and insect life on Earth. It’s suspected that their numbers run into the tens of billions. They are fanatical about the defense and preservation of their nests. They’ll constantly probe for weaknesses and for any scrap of food and any drop of water they Optiva Pest Control find anywhere. And once they find it, they’ll tell all their friends and the next thing you know, you’ve got a parade of ants moving in. Black ants are the most common ants in America – and usually don’t bite. Their fire ant cousins however – can! And when fire ants bite you, its quite painful. So do your best not to be bitten by fire ants.
Termites – If you end up with a termite infestation in your home you should call the pest control company right away. Before it’s too late and your house and possibly you or your family member suffers serious harm and injury. Termites feast Baby Safe Indoor Pest Control on wood. And virtually all houses in America are made of wood. So your home is like a giant all you can eat buffet for them. Like ants, termites live in huge colonies with a queen at the heart of the colony producing all the termites.
Roaches – Roaches are a rather common sight as well. Because these tend to inhabit dark and damp corners of the home or office and they can live on just about anything. Now just because you have a dark and dank corner does not automatically mean that roaches are living there – but it is prime real estate for the roaches. Cockroach sizes vary from location to location. With some roaches being no bigger than an inch long, while others are the size of a half dollar, are crunchy and they hiss at you. While most roaches can’t do any harm – they are unnerving to deal with. Especially, if they’re big and make hiss at you. This is a good a reason as any to call in the pest control companies.
So those are the top 3 pests in America. Hopefully, you won’t ever have to deal with any of them. But if you end up with an infestation of any of these in your home or office, its time to call in the pest control company.