Stop Nasty Flea Bites From Itching

Flea bites are not only common to animals but to humans as well. Because of the sting of these small insects, the bites can be very itchy or sometimes painful. The reaction of the skin to these bites can vary depending on the person’s sensitivity. While others may have a simple bump on their skin, some people would experience swelling and generalized discomfort.
Although there can be pain, itching is the most common problem encountered by people who have been bitten by fleas. Scratching the areas where the fleas have bitten can calm the itchiness but it is not advisable to scratch the area because it can cause more problems rather than provide solution.
Scratching the area can cause damage to your skin which can result to inflammation. If Sample Pest Control Program For Food Industry you want to stop these nasty flea bites from itching, then here are some tips for you.
Bites of fleas appear as a red, slightly raised bump. Once you saw these on your skin, then you need to immediately wash it to cleanse the area and get rid of the fleas that might still be present on the area where you were bitten. Wash the area with soap and water to remove the bacteria and clean the area.
Once the area is already cleaned, you need to relieve the swelling. You can use an ice pack and apply it on the area for ten minutes. After ten minutes, remove the ice pack and check if the bite is still swelling. Reapply the ice compress if the swelling is still present.
When the swelling is relieved, the itchiness won’t go away immediately. You can apply ointments with hydrocortisone to temporarily relieve itchiness. Hydrocortisone doesn’t only relieve itchiness but it can also prevent further inflammation.
If in case you don’t have hydrocortisone ointment, you can also apply calamine lotion to relieve itchiness; however, this will just be temporary relief. You can also bath with sodium bicarbonate to relieve itching. Restrain yourself from scratching the area because it will just damage or break your skin.
If the itchiness becomes generalized, you need to take an antihistamine to relieve it. Usually, generalized itchiness is caused by systemic allergic reaction. Antihistamine will be able to relieve that allergic reaction.
To completely avoid flea bites, you need to do some Pest Control Library home pest control to eliminate these pests.