Seven Ways to Protect Your Home

Protecting your home from criminals breaking, entering and stealing is easier than Spider Control Dust you think. Here are seven ways to protect your home, yourself and your valuables:
1. The Number One Thing to Do
Approximately one third of break in crimes are made easy by the people who live there. Unlocked doors, windows and garages make it easy for anyone to enter your home. Make it a habit to lock up and even lock behind you when you enter or leave.
Deputy Rob Thornton, with the Hillsborough (Tampa) Sheriff’s Office, experienced this problem himself. Early in his career, Thornton came home to his apartment and failed to lock the door behind himself. While eating a snack and watching television, Thornton was interrupted by a burglar who had been stealing from several apartments. “It can happen to anyone,” Thornton shares, “so just make it a habit to lock up.”
2. Some Keys (No Pun Intended) with Deadbolts
If you have any old locks, replace them with deadbolt locks. If you don’t know how, have it properly installed by a licensed, bonded locksmith. Check to ensure that the typical half inch screws for the brass strike plate is secured with one and half inch to two inch screws. The longer screws are much better for securing the plate.
3. Glass Sliding Doors – Great for You and for Thieves
It’s a home feature that people love. So do criminals because it’s an easy access point. If you’ve ever watched glass sliding doors being installed, you know they are lifted into place. They can also be lifted out of place.
There are all kinds of security measures you can take including a solid piece of wood in the track, a Charley bar and glass sliding door locks. The best are ones with screw units that essentially lock the door into the frame so the door cannot be lifted.
4. Your House Alarm Can Be Bypassed
This will not solve all problems; it’s not a catch all. It is, however, another great tool you can have to help prevent crime.
Even with an alarm system, criminals will often use you to bypass it. Scams, fraud and identity theft will beat any system and can be quite profitable. It’s the workman, “who happens to be in your neighborhood,” and would like to use your bathroom. They could be legitimate, but too many times people let them in and leave them alone. It doesn’t take long for these types of criminals to steal jewelry or your identity.
5. Minor, But Can Help
While this suggestion is not as much a deterrent, it can help. Motion sensor activated outdoor lights can help. It can give your neighbors much better visibility so they can see what is happening at your house.
6. Get Rid Top 25 Pest Control Companies of Clues
If you’re going to be away, be sure to have your mail forwarded and any regular deliveries stopped. It’s an obvious sign that no one is home. Burglars will drive neighborhoods looking for signs that no one is home, so it’s important that no one can tell if you’re there or not.
7. The Best Insurance
This is perhaps even more important than locking your doors. It’s inexpensive and works really well. Know your neighbors. Get to know them and look out for each other. Deputy Thornton says, “We catch many burglars, sometimes still in the house, because a neighbor saw somebody they didn’t know at the house next door or across the street and called the police.”
Most of these ideas are easy to do. So take advantage of them and use them.